Soldiers of allah peacefully preaching criminal ideology of hatred & genocide under our noses…

Mullah links:

CAIR spokesturd Nathan Lean babbles stupidly about “hate”

Anti-Islamic ad campaign is only spreading hate / San Francisco Examiner

“All Muslims hate gays…”  “She (Pamela Geller) is posting these ads to suggest that all Muslims hate gays….”

“Misconceptions & Barriers Breakdown”

Amzaing what a cup of tea can do:

“British Exports”

 Jihadists: The Latest Export

“I ended up running for my life, barefoot and handcuffed, while British jihadists — young men with south London accents — shot to kill. And not a Syrian in sight. This wasn’t what I had expected.” — John Cantlie, British photographer … (Mullah)

Mosaik of diversity, peace & interfaith harmony

“He shouted at me, asking: ‘Why are you still here’?” Mousa said. “I told him I won’t run…and then he slapped me. I didn’t want to shed a tear in front of that man. I immediately stood up.”–Slapped Egyptian activist to file case against Brotherhood member

There’s no end to the ‘tarnishing’ of peaceful Islam

More than ever, amplify Islam’s message of peace — Mohamed Ali

These attacks have, in turn, tarnished the image of Islam and undermined its message of peace and harmony in a way that has never happened before. In countries with plural societies, terrorism poses the added threat of inter-racial and inter-religious discord. …

More on the evil and blasphemous religion’s ‘tarnished image’ at The Malaysian Insider/via Mullah/March 21, 2013

2 thoughts on “Soldiers of allah peacefully preaching criminal ideology of hatred & genocide under our noses…”

  1. You’d think you’d introduce yourself to your host not the other way around? bit like when you enter a room you greet everyone not ‘expect’ everyone already there to greet you.

    I suppose it all comes down to manners and etiquette neither of which muslims possess..

  2. Their holy and allah-given right and duty to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-moslems in the world for the “crime” of not being moslems, isn’t a permanent death-threat and “hate-speech,” it’s “protected religious speech,” thanks to all the Submissively complicit crime-enabling accessory leftarded dhim-wits.


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