Stay home!

Stupid is as stupid does: Forrest Gump

Israeli tourists seen flocking back to Turkey

Israelis are expected to travel in large numbers to Turkey in the summer following Netanyahu’s apology to Erdogan.

This guy must be from the welcoming committee….

They will be sorry. I wouldn’t drink the water. Neither would I  touch the food.

Then this:

Erdogan backtracks on understandings with Netanyahu

Day after Israeli PM’s apology phone call, Turkish leader says it’s not yet time to drop case against 4 IDF generals over Marmara deaths, won’t send new envoy yet, will visit Gaza

At least the Muselmaniacs are consistent:

“Tourism To Non Muslim Countires Is Haram, Don’t Spend Money In Countries That May Attack Muslims”

(Halal Pork Shop via Mullah)

Daniel Pipes:

ErdoÄŸan’s government has mastered the art of provocation and is being rewarded for it. The Israelis should not have apologized but should have demanded an apology from Ankara for its support to the terrorist-connected group that undertook this aggressive act.

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