Stingy Turks

Turks among least generous donors out of 146 nations

Turks seek compo; all Arabs want compo:

“Arab states are considering the possibility of demanding that Israel apologize for the killings of Palestinian territories and in Lebanon”

As I said here: “This apology sets a bad precedent — one which jihadists are certain to exploit every time Israel defends itself in the future.” And now it is already happening.

Turkey’s religious top dog:

Turkish billboards: “Israel apologized to Turkey. Dear prime minister, we are grateful that you let our country experience this pride.”

The Meaning and Consequences of Israel’s Apology to Turkey  (Caroline Glick)

Now that’s strong-arming: Obama wanted to make sure that Netanyahu groveled with gusto. Erdogan is Obama’s “most trusted” ally on the world stage, despite the fact that he has done more to undermine freedom and roll back the most modern Muslim state in the world to the stone (or is that stoning) age.

Attention Whore Geraldo:  

“Arafat is generally regarded as the George Washington of the Palestinian people”

Apartheid Palestine

Israel is not an apartheid state. Muslim Arabs are in the Knesset, and enjoy more rights there than they do in an Islamic state. The real apartheid is in Sharia states, where the oppression of women and non-Muslims is institutionalized.

“Apartheid Palestine?,” by Ann Bayefsky in the Jerusalem Post, March 17 (thanks toPamela Geller):

It is impossible to read this latest UN report, or to listen to its authors and its state sponsors, without knowing that the campaign to rid the world of Israeli settlements is a campaign to rid the world of Israel.

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