Taliban declares war on India, wants Sharia law imposed

Yawn. And tomorrow the whole world:

In its January 9, 2013 issue Urdu daily Hindustan Express reported that leader of Tehrik Taliban Pakistan Waliur Rahman Khan announced sending of terrorists in Kashmir and pledged to fight for the imposition of Sharia law in the State.

A blast of a welcome:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel continues Afghanistan trip despite two suicide bombings on first visit

Nineteen Afghans were killed – including eight children – in the suicide attacks in Kabul and in the eastern Khost province casting a grim shadow just hours before Hagel’s first visit since taking the post.

On Friday a U.S. contractor was killed and four soldiers injured when attackers thought to be Afghan soldiers stormed their base and opened fire.  Read more

The US has already declared a bounty of $50 lakh on Waliurrahman for his involvement in the killing of CIA officials in Afghanistan in 2007. Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehmood released a video in which he states to begin Jihad in Kashmir, India and the US. The video also claims that Pakistan has failed to achieve target of Jehad in Kashmir. It also claims that Kashmiris are suffering due to Pakistan’s wrong policies.