The Enemy Within

 Zero in Israel

Obama Nixes Jesus’s Cross From Speech… But Giant Arafat Posters Are OK

At a press conference today in Ramallah, President Barack Obama addressed the assembled journalists while standing under a Yasser Arafat banner. Click on the link to get a timeline of Yasser Arafartbastards terrorist activities.

 No genocidal jihadist rhetoric and rocket attacks to see; Israel doesn’t want peace because they don’t commit suicide:

In Israel, Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama tells Jews to get rid of themselves:  “Palestinians – including young people – have rejected violence as a means of achieving their aspirations. There’s an opportunity there — there’s a window.”

Obama’s massive ammo built-up to shoot Americans

 Homeland Security under Obama and his henchtroll Janet Napolitano refuses to reveal the purpose of its massive ammo buildup:   this is ammunition for a domestic agency that will presumably be using at least some of it to shoot Americans. People’s hair should be standing on end.

Obama’s Immigration Policy Explained

If the Regime’s immigration policy makes no sense to you, give some thought to its objectives. Allan Wall helps to clarify matters:

The Obama administration, to put it mildly, is keen on not enforcing immigration law.

We are witnessing the deliberate obliteration of the greatest nation in history. Those responsible have used their control of the media and education establishments to get so far into our heads that I will be condemned as a “racist” for calling attention to their race-based designs. (Moonbattery)

Obama’s Penetration Jihad

An Egyptian magazine, by the way, just recently boasted that the Muslim Brotherhood is penetrating Washington. And one of the names they mentioned was Mohamed Elibiary.  (Mullah)

Muslims Need Emancipation from islam Being Stereotyped

Muslim backwardness is nothing but the result of the apathetic and indifferent attitude of the government….