The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant? by Paul Weston

Paul Weston has launched a new political party, Liberty GB. Paul’s recent venture has led to confrontations with leftish persons on Facebook and other online discussion sites. The Baron from the Gates of Vienna just  blogged  a spirited exchange  between PW and one communist Sonia Gable:

“Paul, I believe that all people have a right to their own culture, traditions, religion and homeland, but none of that should or need be to the exclusion of other people with different culture, tradition and religion. I have no problem with my neighbours having different cultures, faiths and heritage. Why should that be a problem? I go to my church, my neighbours on one side go to the mosque, my neighbours on the other side go to their Hindu temple, and other nearby neighbours go to their synagogue. That’s fine and our community is all the better for its cultural diversity. Such diversity does not prevent me in any way from practising my faith and living according to my cultural traditions. Only the intolerance preached by the BNP and other far-right parties that causes divisions and problems.”

2 thoughts on “The Left — Mad, Bad, or Criminally Ignorant? by Paul Weston”

  1. If the leftards were truly “united against fascism,” they’d have to be united against islamofascism, because these days, in all the world, there is no other kind of fascism.

    Submission, the religion of peace = Extortion, the religion of thieves.

    (Extortion = totalitarian conformist might-makes-right fascism).

    Leftards are complicit criminal negligent enablers and willing accessories to others’ crimes, and their #1 excuse for not acting to defend either them selves nor innocent others is to use immiral relativism to pretend it’s all the same to them: “crime isn’t crime because we all do it, too, and besides there’s no real crime nor criminals because we’re all only helpless victims anyway! If you say you’re better than me, then it’s all your fault, and since it’s all your fault, then none of it’s my fault, so I’m still really better than you! Whee! This gives me the moral high ground while I ignore that my choice to Submit to your extortions is still my choice (doing nothing is still a choice). As usual, leftarded criminals pretend to be able to reverse cause and effect to blame the victims of crimes for hating the crimes and criminals that committed them against them, as if this inherent “hatred” allowed said victims to go back in time and caused the criminals to attack them in the first place.

  2. Notice that in the comments on the original article, Ms. Gable has now acknowledged that her assertion that “only the intolerance preached by the BNP and other far-right parties causes division and problems” is false.

    Ms. Gable has also indicated that the “tolerance” of any morally sane person has its limits, although she is reluctant (so far) to explicitly acknowlege this.

    Ms. Gable has also asserted that there are imams currently residing in the UK who are “preaching intolerance” but appears to be reluctant to discuss the religious aspect of such “preaching”.

    Ms. Gable has also asserted that people on the left do not “address Islamic issues” but so far has not explained why they do not address Islamic issues, nor has she said what happens to anyone on the left who goes against this “trend” (as she puts it) and does so.

    Ms. Gable does tend to waffle a bit and resort to pseudo-political jibber-jabber. I’d like Ms. Gable to actually define “intolerance”. Define “tolerance”. Define “hate”. Explain where the limts of one’s tolerance are – and why they are where they are. Explain what is meant by “far right”. Explain why “cultural diversity” is an ultimate good. But no – none of that, just wishy-washy mumbo-jumbo which is so vague it’s meaningless.

    I’d have thought that someone who chooses to employ certain terms in the context of a discussion of political philosophy – and who relies on them so much too – would know what they mean & be able to define their own terms. The alternative of course is that Ms. Gable quite literally doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

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