There’s a jihad going on….

But hey, lets not rush to conclusions:

Jihad in Nigeria: Muslims murder 13 Christian factory workers “in gruesome manner”

And the authorities are “nonchalant.” “Nigeria: 13 Christians killed in Kano,” fromPMNews, March 6:

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN has urged the authorities to probe the gruesome killing of 13 factory workers identified as Christians at Sheka, Sharada Phase 111 in Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano, by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members.

#MyJihad in Nigeria: Jihad group murders eight more people

In pursuit of their jihad, Boko Haram has murdered “at least 3,000 people in the past three years.” Yet to investigate the murderous belief system that leads them to this orgy of blood and gore, and to formulate ways to resist it, would be “Islamophobic.”

More of the same:

“Syrian Rebels Joined By Chechnya Islamic Militants In ‘Jihad'”.

#MyJihad in Syria: Chechen jihadist in Syria says “(We) have missed many chances, but truly today there is a chance to establish (an Islamic state) on Earth”

4 thoughts on “There’s a jihad going on….”

  1. As the the picture of all thoses murdered dead because of violence which was inspired because of Islam. It is therefore interesting to note that Jesus did teach that “By their fruir ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20. [KJV]

  2. islam = extortion – PERIOD.

    Why else do they admit they divide the world into the dar-al-islam (“Pacified Zone”) and dar-al-harb (“War Zone”)?!

    Submission, the religion of peace = Extortion, the religion of thieves!


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