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Everywhere in the Lands of the Infidels the large-scale presence of Muslims has created a situation of much greater unpleasantness, expense, and physical insecurity than would exist without such a presence. That no one in Western Europe now denies; the quarrel is over what can or should be done about that.– Hugh Fitzgerald

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Lyon: Iranian Vandalises Clock in Cathedral Dedicated to Joan of Arc  by Cheradenine Zakalwe

 “The beauty of the clock prevented believers from concentrating on their prayers.”

Bethlehem is probably the most famous Christian place-name, celebrated in hymn and prayer, today it is no longer a Christian town. In 1950, 80 percent of the population was Christian. Today, 80 percent is Muslim. There are far more mosques than churches.

A mega mosque in a suburb that was 90 per cent white 30 years ago and the polite apartheid dividing Britain

  • David Goodhart argues that a new patriotism can unite our nation again
  • We will have an ethnic minority population of around 25 per cent by 2020
  • Goodhart says a confident and inclusive national identity can emerge

On Saturday, the leading liberal commentator David Goodhart described the profound effect mass immigration has had on social cohesion. He admitted that, for decades, liberals like him failed to realise its implications. Today, concluding his series, he sets out his vision of how a new Britishness can bind the nation’s fractured communities.

Large-scale immigration has created an England that is increasingly full of mysterious and unfamiliar worlds — as I discovered one day sitting in an enormous minareted mosque in a sedate London suburb among thousands of men in Pashtun dress listening to the words of an elderly man.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad is not any old preacher. To a couple of million Muslims of one particular sect, the Ahmadiyans, he is the holiest man on the planet.

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