“Unjust” Israel, Oppressed “Palestinians:” the queer & twisted perspective of Barry O.


Obama Lectures Israel: ‘Put Yourselves In Their Shoes’

Yeah, lets take a walk in their shoes:

On Thursday, Hussein Obama spoke in Jerusalem – a city he once promised would remain undivided – about all of the shortcomings of the state of Israel. Lecturing Israel about its democracy, economy, foreign policy, and basic humanity, Obama harangued the Jewish State while stumping for a “possible” two-state solution.


Did you know that Israelis are “unjust?”

The Pal’s respond:

Obama in West Bank:

Israel must reverse an undertow of isolation“; must “give justice to the Palestinians; must “take risks for peace.” Easy enough for you to say, Barry. And far easier said than done.
 Highly symbolic:
Hussein Obama’s car came to a halt in Israel yesterday, reportedly because it had been filled with Diesel instead of Petrol. “This is a metaphor for his Middle East policy—he’s been running on the wrong kind of fuel,” said Heritage expert James Phillips.
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