Wafa Sultan On The Forced Arabisation Of The Berbers

Hugh Fitzgerald

Wafa Sultan On The Forced Arabisation Of The Berbers (In Arabic)

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The arabisation that followed upon islamisation and that many peoples in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have suffered from, forgetting their own histories, their own languages, all for the sake of Islam and the Arabs — for Islam always has been the vehicle for Arab supremacism –can be reversed, once it is pointed out to people (and how many of the “Arabs” in North Africa are in fact Berbers, not to mention other peoples, such as Jews, and what can be done to revive and spread, a consciousness of having been cruelly arabized as a result of having first been islamized? It’s clearly a strong feeling in Iran, where everyone who is not enthusiastic about Islam, not among the fanatics whom 34 yeasr of Khomeinisim has created,, knows it was Arab conquerors who brought Islam to Persia, the primitive desert Arabs from whom Persians are so quick and so vocal to carefully distance themselves.

Undoing Islam, land by land, starts not only with allowing sectarian strife, but also with encouraging an understanding of how Islamization led to Arabization, which meant the loss of many peoples’ language, culture, identity, and the forcible imposition of another. Starting with the most advanced members of those societies, that resentment can be used to weaken the hold of Islam. And if one really cared about the wellbeing of those in Muslim lands, what is it one would most wish them? To undo the mind-forged manacles of Islam, that also happen to make them a permanent menace to all non-Muslims, but that, if they can get rid of Islam, will remove that menace.