We got mail!

Coburn primary school in Melton South Victoria has told all parents that the Easter bunny Will not be delivering chocolate eggs this Easter due to one child being of the Muslim faith. This school promoted Harmony Day last week to embrace all cultures yet discriminates against Christians. A parent of a child at the school was informed the reason the Easter bunny won’t deliver chocolates is because last year when 2 Muslim parents found out the Easter bunny had delivered chocolates they attended the school and physically assaulted a teacher.

From a reader who doesn’t want to be named.


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  1. Meanwhile they are now selling HALAL certified chocolate EASTER eggs. I forgot which criminally dhimmy company does this, but please watch out for HALAL stamp and DONT BUY THEM, CRASH THEM!

    I have really had enough !

  2. Cadbury / Red Tulip

    Seasonal (Easter and Christmas)
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Seasonal & Novelty products
    Cadbury Dark Chocolate Seasonal & Novelty products
    Cadbury Dream Chocolate Seasonal & Novelty products
    Cadbury Beanie Characters
    Cadbury Mini Eggs
    Dream White Chocolate Seasonal & Novelty products
    Old Gold Seasonal & Novelty products
    Red Tulip Milk Chocolate Seasonal & Novelty Items
    Red Tulip White Chocolate Seasonal & Novelty Items

    Most of their stuff is halal

  3. This is crazy. Two Muslim parents assault a teacher because the school hands out Easter eggs. Therefore Easter eggs are cancelled by the school the next year. Why is thuggish behaviour by a couple of Muslims being rewarded in this fashion?

  4. Easter eggs today, separating the children by gender and making the little girls wear headscarf tomorrow.

    Shame on the school for not removing the child from the school. Did the school ban the Muslim parents from the school for violence? Did they file a police report?

    Why is one school allowing themselves to be one dictated to by “one” student’s parents?

    Should have told them, if you don’t like it here….leave.

  5. I notice the school has “positive” approach regarding its “anti-bullying” programme. So giving in to the bully is “positive”? Well, I guess so: saying “Yes, sir, at the double!” does have a positive ring about it!

  6. but non-moslems praying like a moslem, going to a mosque, learning islamic propaganda and stuff like moe moe the pedo was a great guy (gag), and giving moslems their prayer rooms, and honoring their bloody fests and their warrior’s holiday such as ramada…booom! That is all ok.

  7. This is disgusting lying to kids like this! They should have told them the truth, that all the skydaddies are fairytales!

  8. It is really up to the parents. If the parents of ONE child can force a school to change it’s policy, imagine what the parents of ONE HUNDRED students could do if they all threatened to withdraw their kids until traditional Easter celebrations are reintroduced.

  9. why stop for 1 muslim? do not give the muslim child a chocolate egg and let them watch as all the other children eat theirs. no worse feelin than being left out, then that child will ask its parents why and let the child see what a pair of zelots birthed it!

  10. Oh my god, fancy an AUSTRALIA school doing this, hey this is Australia, we have and run our schools like this and have done for years, so why all of a sudden can imigrants come into our country and schools and force an issue like this, their country wouldn t stand for us to do that, we would be killed. WAKE UP Australia before its too late and these people take over our country.

  11. Cadbury, Mars and Nestle are all already halal certified.
    Darryl Lea is currently getting halal certified.

    Boycott those companies and buy from local Aussie chocolate makers instead.

  12. @Islam Is a Crock,

    Very well said and agree.

    It is the thin edge of the wedge. The Left has created a world where a single minority subgroup and foreign culture has been intentionally allowed to be pandered too and given the power to dominate (or influence)…pretty much everywhere within our society.

    Several years ago in the UK, Muslims began to demand Muslims only swimming at our locally funded Council swimming pools. Regretfully, the local councils gave into to these demands without consulting the locals who are actually funding these pools. Sometime after these ‘state’ enforced segregation, I remember a Muslim man, who stated, “You have learned to accept “Muslim only swimming”, and you will learn to accept sharia law in your daily life and specifically woman (forced) wearing the Burqua.”

    Think on what he is saying, “You HAVE accepted” (No. No I haven’t) and “You WILL accept.” (No. Never.)

    SMH- We have been betrayed, my friend.

  13. I don’t know much about Islam. What is it exactly that they object to? Chocolate in general? The type of chocolate? Rabbits? Oh, Easter? I’ll bet that’s it. Well too f’n bad. Easter is a long tradition in Australia, as well as in the United States, Canada, the British Isles and other European countries. SO DEAL WITH IT OR GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WHERE THEY DON’T *DO* EASTER. Our Easter traditions aren’t hurting you. If you don’t like it, just ignore it. Why do you object anyway? Oh, you’re whining because your kid’s feelings got hurt? Well tell your spawn to grow a thicker skin, or better yet, let them eat a piece of chocolate candy handed out by somebody in a rabbit suit once a year. Nobody asked you to migrate here, but since you did, assimilate or go back.

  14. Leave our Easter alone. I hope the parents of children at this school are protesting strongly because if one of my children was at this school I would take Easter Eggs in and rub it in their faces. MUSLIMS go back to a country that supports your stupid religion we don’t want you here.

  15. Anyone on this thread in the legal profession? Namely like constitutional law or like human rights or something? Coz I would kinda like to sue the government for discrimination and racism but due to Australia’s Human Rights GUIDELINES, I’m finding it difficult to work a possible case angle… I would really like to have some sort of referendum to change the laws we have and create new laws protecting Australia from religious change. We are literally having our identity taken away from us! Please if you know anything about the law and politics please email me at taylor.currie@hotmail.com as I would love to have an educated discussion about what we can do to preserve the Australia we have grown up loving coz soon I’m not gonna be loving it unfortunately due to these religiously bigoted maggots

    1. I took liberty to post the whole text, Aussie:

      Catholics and halal meat

      By Fr John Flader
      30 January, 2011

      A FRIEND of mine recently told me that one of Australia’s largest supermarket chains produces all its meat at a halal certified site, and that Catholics cannot eat halal meat. Is this true?
      FIRSTLY we should clarify what we mean by halal meat.
      The word “halal” in Arabic means simply “lawful” and thus halal foods are those which are considered lawful for Muslims to eat. “Halal” is distinguished from “haraam” foods, which are forbidden.

      Among the latter are pork, blood, animals that have been strangled or beaten to death, alcohol, meat that has not been prepared in the proper way, etc.
      For meat to be halal the animal must be killed in a particular way. It must have its throat slit, and the person killing it must face Mecca and invoke the name of Allah,or God.

      When an abattoir can demonstrate that it follows this procedure, it may receive a certificate from the Muslim authorities as a halal certified site. Wherever possible, Muslims eat only halal foods.

      Where does this leave Catholics? Can we eat such foods? The first thing we should ask is whether Scripture has anything to say about the matter. In fact it does. In the Acts of the Apostles we read about the so-called Council of Jerusalem, in which the apostles and elders gathered to decide what to impose on the Gentiles who had converted to Christianity in Antioch.

      Among other things they told these converts that they were to “abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols and from blood and from what is strangled” (Acts 15:29).

      Jews, like Muslims, regarded blood as the very life of the animal and as such it belonged to God alone. Hence they did not eat meat that had been strangled, since it would have the blood in it.
      But why did the early Christians follow these Jewish practices? It must be remembered that these were the early days of Christianity and the first generation of Christians was still alive.

      Most of them were converts from Judaism, and it is natural that they would have felt a strong repugnance at the thought of eating meat with the blood in it, since this was prohibited by Jewish law (cf. Lev 17:10ff). It is probable that for some time they also abstained from pork, which Jews did not eat.

      As regards food that had been offered to idols, St Paul writes that since “an idol has no real existence” and “there is no God but one”, there is nothing wrong with eating such food (1 Cor 8:4).

      Nonetheless, since some Christians may be weak in conscience and think it is sinful to eat such food, others when in their company should abstain from eating lest they cause their brothers to eat as well and go against their conscience. He writes: “Therefore, if food is a cause of my brother’s falling, I will never eat meat, lest I cause my brother to fall” (cf. 1 Cor 8:13).

      It is probably for this reason that the Council of Jerusalem forbade the Gentile converts to each such food. St Paul sums up: “Food will not commend us to God. We are no worse off if we do not eat, and no better off if we do” (1 Cor 8:8).

      Two chapters later St Paul confronts today’s issue of halal food more directly, based on his earlier pronouncement that such food may be eaten without any qualms of conscience.
      As regards whether Christians should be careful not to buy certain foods at the market he writes: “Eat whatever is sold in the meat market without raising any question on the ground of conscience” (1 Cor 10:25).
      And with respect to what to do when invited to the home of an unbeliever, he advises: “If one of the unbelievers invites you to dinner and you are disposed to go, eat whatever is set before you without raising any question on the ground of conscience” (1 Cor 10:27). That would apply today to accepting an invitation to eat with a Muslim.

      In summary, it is clear that there is nothing in the Scriptures against Christians eating halal meat. The question of meat “sacrificed to idols” does not apply, even though not even that would present a problem, since halal meat is offered to Allah, the one God worshipped by Muslims, Jews and Christians.

      Send your questions to Fr John Flader
      c/- The Catholic Weekly, Level 8, Polding Centre,
      133 Liverpool St, Sydney 2000,
      or email to director@caec.com.au

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