A Billion for Trash Like Tony Jones

A roundup of the anti-Thatcher hatred. With enemies like these, Thatcher shines. (Bolt)

Tim Blair:

The ABC’s Tony Jones asks the opinion of a book-promoting former prostitute. Her response:

And me with no champagne!

She was oh so sensitive about being called a former prostitute, insisting that she be called a sex worker.

The Left are out of touch, out of class and out of morals. If it was Nelson Mandela who passed away last night, the tears would have been streaming on end.

In a previous segment,  the slick imam from Griffith was pleased with the BS question about the  “hijacked Islam” and the peaceful inner struggle that needs to be restored.

Here it is:

India O’Neill asked: TIME Magazine World Editor Bobby Ghosh famously stated that Osama Bin Laden’s greatest legacy was changing the definition of the word ‘jihad’ from an internal struggle against vice, to an external struggle against forces that would threaten the faith, which can involve taking up arms. How can the Muslims reclaim the original definition of jihad, and the perception of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims alike be returned to the focus on ethics, peace and love?

Does it get any dumber?

A sample of the Q&A Audience: 

Christian 48%, Muslim 8%, Jewish 6%, Buddhist 4%, Athiest/Agnostic 32%

What an infuriating waste of time!

In other news:

A Julia chew toy is being sold by an Adelaide pet store, sparking the latest national misogyny crisis:


Thanks to Tim Blair

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