Afghans Flee Country Ahead of Obama’s Withdrawal

Afghans Flee Country Ahead of Obama’s Withdrawal

Posted By Daniel Greenfield / In The Point 

The line for the last chopper out of Kabul starts here.

As tens of thousands of American troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan in time for the 2014 deadline set by the White House, another exodus is gathering pace: Afghans fleeing their country’s violence and economic uncertainty.

“The international community is leaving and we are right behind them,” Khalid Gul, a 23-year-old university student, said in a trendy Kabul café. “Ninety percent of Afghans, they want to leave Afghanistan for the same reason: education and instability.”

He and his friends frequently discuss how they would leave and where they would go. Their top choices are America, Canada and Europe.

Some Afghans scrambling to get out any way they can are paying $30,000 to 50,000 on the black market for fake passports and passage to another country, an exorbitant sum in a country where average annual income is estimated to be under the $500 a year. A recent Afghan police raid picked up dozens of false Canadian, Pakistani and Afghan passports and numerous forged visas.

A lot of these “refugees” will end up in the United States where they will cause a whole range of new problems, like the refugees from El Salvador and every war in the Middle East have.

The media has largely refused to cover the loss in Afghanistan and stories like these talk around it. While Obama Inc. claims that Afghanistan has been stabilized, it rather blatantly has not been, and most Afghans believe, rightly, that the Taliban will soon be in charge.

“If Americans – the soldiers and the troops – leave here we will have no proper security and we will have the Taliban here again,” Shorab Shinwari, a 21-year-old IT expert, said.

“…Obama administration is eager to negotiate.”

There is no negotiation with Islam. None. The non-Islamic side makes concessions, and the Islamic side makes none. The Islamic side keeps coming back for more and more concessions from the non-Muslims until the Muslims have everything they want. That is how Islam has worked for 1400 years.

And this is exactly what will happen in Afghanistan. When NATO leaves, Karzai will have to flee, or be killed, because the Taliban will take over most of the country again. It will be as if the last 12 years never happened. All the lives and limbs lost, all the money spent, will be for nothing.

Islam means “Submission.” Now notice who is obliged to submit in this purely secular relationship.

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  1. The trouble is that when these Muslim arrive in the West, in a short space of time they will be agitating for sharia – the very reason they have left Afghanistan. And when they don’t get it, they will become, in the words of the MSM, “radicalised”.

  2. Afghanis are coming here, and they will remain unemployed for years, if not forever, and Centrelink money will be sent back to Afghanistan to families which will be forced to hand some or all of it over to the Taliban, who will use this and other extorted money to create misery and danger and drive more Afghanis to the West.
    Just one way Australian taxpayers’ money is going out into the world…

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