All they wanted was some “respeck”

Canuckistan: the nicest kids we’ll never know:

Ali Medlej, right, helped convert his friend Xristos Katsiroubas, left, to Islam. The two were killed perpetrating a terrorist attack in Algeria. Classmate Aaron Yoon, centre, was convicted of membership in a terrorist group last year. They all attended South Secondary School in London, Ont.

Xristos and Ali seized a natural gas plant in an Algerian desert with al-Qaeda. They died Jan. 19, along with 37 hostages and 27 other Islamist militants. Their friend, Aaron, sits in a North African prison, sentenced for being connected to a terrorist group. The three flew to the Middle East together in 2011.

Aaron had always been “a nice guy” but that he started talking back in class and “demanding respect” in the latter years of high school.  —‘Not radicals, just trouble makers’: Canadians linked to Islamist terrorism were average teenage boys back in high school

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