Allah didn’t tell him to murder his father. His fellow Mosqueteers did.

Jihad in Ohio:

The media has done its best to bury the story.  Plenty of headlines read, “Man Yells About God After Church Shooting” which gives a completely false picture of events.   Reshad Riddle did not yell about God. He yelled about Allah. And the media’s trend of using God in place of Allah is done to hide the meaning of scenes like these.  (Daniel Greenfield)

Muslim who murdered his Christian father at church left Qur’an on church podium, quoted Qur’an after murder

He quoted the Qur’an after the murder, saying, according to a police officer, that he had “served his purpose.” Apparently that purpose had to do with the Qur’an’s command to “slay the idolaters wherever ye find them” (9:5).

No doubt his handlers and the enemedia will claim that he suffered from “mental problems”. We expect that his imam and all those who indoctrinated this “revert” in the mosque are seriously investigated.–Continue reading (Atlas Shrugs)