Allahu Akbar! “Melbourne Man” Kicks Bucket in Aleppo….

Melbourne (Musel-)man killed in Syria

A Melbourne man has died in Syria, near Aleppo, a bloody front line in the civil war between rebels and government soldiers.  But it is not known if Sammy Salma, a 22-year-old from Roxburgh Park, had been fighting with rebels. …

Nobody knows a thing. Sammy was just looking for a good Muslim school to study Islam, or something…. More diversity to celebrate at Merimbula News thanks to Mullah

The Western Mistake: Preventing The Most Fanatical From Going To Syria

If some of  the most committed, violent and dangerous of Muslims want to go to Syria, where there is a good chance they may be killed, why prevent them? If they remain in Belgium, will they not be more of a threat to Belgians? The policy of Western governments, and not just of Belgium, makes little sense.  (Hugh Fitzgerald)
Fighters are coming to Syria from countries all over the world — including Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Chechnya, Tunisia, Egypt, Australia and Great Britain, to name a few.To villagers here, Walid is not a terrorist. He’s a hero.“He was so friendly and kind, so committed to his duties. Honest, humble … the whole village loved him from young to old,” said Abd al-Mundem, 37, who had become the young Australian’s closest friend.   Walid died in a battle between rebels and government forces for control of the Wadi Dayf military base, on the edge of Maarat Numan.


Obama sends more U.S. troops to Jordan

Nobel Peace winner Hussein Obama prepping one of his next wars, the biggest being waged against the American people. via U.S. military to step up presence in Jordan in light of Syria strife –– (Creeping Sharia)


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  1. Wish more would go over and join the battle we could do with less.

    Good riddance, I won’t shed a tear.

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