“Assimilation is a crime against humanity”….

… said Tayyip Erdogan, sultan of Turkey.

How Australian are these Lebanese?

Assimilation isn’t working its usual magic among many of young Lebanese Australians. Or should we start referring to them simply as Lebanese in Australia?

The head of Australia’s domestic intelligence agency has confirmed investigations into hundreds of young Australian-Lebanese men who have joined the fighting in Syria

“We are also concerned that young Australians go overseas and become quite severely radicalised in the extremist Al Qaeda-type doctrines…” [ASIO director general David Irvine said].

 Jihadis in Syria didn’t see CAIR’s  #My Jihad ads?

 We are All Osama: Jabhat al-Nusra Celebrations for the Establishment of Islamic State in Syria  (thanks to Mullah)

“…people who do develop the sort of skills that terrorists can use and more importantly the commitment that drives terrorism, that remains a concern.”

Mr Irvine says most of the Australians are young males going to Syria either to fight or support the fighting in another way.

He says most of them were born in Australia or came to Australia at a young age.

In other news:

How can anyone not like being Gillarded?

Gillard is so great than only sexism can explain this criticism  (Andrew Bolt)

Wackademic choice:

Sally Young is mystified why Australians do not connect with a Prime Minister who has cheated them, lied to them, patronised them, set them at each other’s throat, squandered billions of their taxes and now reaches for their super:  Gillard is so great than only sexism can explain this criticism