“At night, he teaches Koran to children.”

Rapist  Mosqueteer (just like profit Moe)

Tarakan. A Koran recital teacher who is also an imam at a Tarakan mosque in East Kalimantan has been arrested after admitting to raping one of his students, an 8-year old girl.


Rapist attacks 11 year old while on probation for another rape of a child.

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Eeyore

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2 thoughts on ““At night, he teaches Koran to children.””

  1. Warning.

    Parks are a favoured site location to do harm to the kaffirs.

    If you are in Europe, accompany your children to parks and be vigilant.

    If you are a woman be equally vigilant.

    Both women and children are favoured targets Muslim boys and men.

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