Aussie Cops will not go after Sydney Sheik who called for Geert Wilders assassination

Yoni Bashan The Sunday Telegraph April 21, 2013

Police reject Boston bombing link to Sydney sheik Feiz Mohammed

Because investigating the ‘religion of peace’ might cause violent reactions, so its better to let sleeping dogs sleep, or is it?  Unfortunately, Islam is the ultimate sleeper cell.

COUNTER-TERRORISM police have discounted links between a controversial Sydney sheik headbanger and the Boston bomb suspects after it emerged one of them had posted old videos of the cleric’s firebrand teachings on his website.

Right. They are “old videos”, so there is nothing to worry about.  The jihad is raging since 1400 years and shows no signs of dying down. What makes these Keystone coppers believe that Feiz Mohammed  mellowed out since he called on the Muslims to kill Geert Wilders? Why was the good sheik never charged with incitement?

A profile page on YouTube belonging to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police, includes two videos recorded by Sydney’s Sheik Feiz Mohammed.

Muslim leaders have urged the sheik, based in Auburn, to publicly condemn the attacks.

“We are aware of the video and the links to the incidents currently unfolding in Boston,” Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein said. “Our Community Contact Unit regularly speaks to the sheik and we do not hold any specific concerns.

“While we continue to monitor what is happening in the US we must emphasise that there are no specific threats which cause us to alter our position.”

The naiveté stinks to high heaven.

One of Sheik Mohammed’s clips on Tsarnaev’s page is a five-minute attack targeting the children’s fictional character Harry Potter.

The video is found inside a folder titled “islam” and had been “liked” by Tsarnaev approximately four months ago, along with another clip recorded by the sheik.

A separate folder featured two videos with Russian language titles – both have been removed.

The sheik’s representatives from the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah based at Auburn refused to respond to the matter yesterday.

A law enforcement source said Sheik Mohammed had changed his views considerably in recent years and no longer subscribed to his “radical” teachings.

Wishful thinking. A claim that couldn’t be more absurd. Did he renounce the shahada?

Both videos on Tsarnaev’s page were several years old, the source said, adding that the last time police had spoken with the sheik was after the September 12 Muslim riots in Sydney last year.

“This is just baggage he’s sort of stuck with – he has a different belief system now to what he had then,” the source said.

And which one would that be? Buddhism?

“I know he wouldn’t have had anything to do with any of this.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

13 thoughts on “Aussie Cops will not go after Sydney Sheik who called for Geert Wilders assassination”

  1. Hill,
    I think he is an Australian citizen.
    I am writing to our NZ min of immigration to find out whether he flies in here..I think he regularly speaks on an Aussie made programe shown here called , Voice of islam..I am following up on this.
    If I were you in Aussie , I would be getting him as much as publicity as possible tho your papers are probably like ours ..busy kowtowing to these nutters. There is always other blogs to go on. surely threatening to kill is an offense?

  2. “surely threatening to kill is an offense?”

    Only when non-muslims do it.

    Have you noticed that hate-speech is only committed by those who draw attention to the murderous ideology and not by those who practice it?

  3. theresaj
    This statement in itself “Aussie Cops will not go after Sydney Sheik who called for Geert Wilders assassination”, shows how cowardly and backward our authorities really are. Once upon a time this person would of felt the full weight of the Governement but today he’s more than likely to get a huge compo payout and a nice big Centerlink property. Not to mention this turd along with his cupbearers vote La(bhor).

    You can lobby our Government all you like but it will get you NOWHERE! gone are the sane old days.

  4. I know I agree Ironside..It is the NZ govt I will be writing to..I know it is fairly futile but we at least have members of a Nationalist type party in our parliament. The leader has been speaking out against islam forever..It is a wonder he is still around.

  5. @theresaj

    There was a time when the world governments would force subversives into exile. But once we signed into the UN this state right become verboten.

    See Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”


    You said, “You can lobby our Government all you like but it will get you NOWHERE! gone are the sane old days.”

    -Agree! Western world governments have begun to see the “people” as the enemy. Such proof can be seen in the fact when the “people” object to bloated governments and government waste suddenly see the “people” as an enemy or potential enemy of the state.

  6. This morning on Chanel 10 “meet the press” it was sickening to see this COMMERCIAL chanel trying to emulate the ABC, that islamophile, extreme left taxpayer funded service. During the whole hour they called the islamist bombers: “marginalised young boys”.

    But, what was absolutely worse is the Australian Attorney General, Dryfuss, a Jew, absolving this Sheik of all sins. This highest legal authority of the land literally sang the praises of this vermin, saying, that the Sheik had changed his way and was actually fighting terrorism with them. “The Sheik is fighting terrorism with us”.

    The word ISLAM or MUSLIMS was never mentioned during the whole hour of this sh…t program. It was absolutely breathtaking.

    Sultan Knisch, today as always hits the nail on the head:

  7. PS: Oh, and not ONCE were the victims mentioned. As the ABC presenter said on Friday: the are only “rich white people from the West”. Yes, I kid you not, Virginia Trioli said this on ABC/24 hour new TV during Breakfast. “Rich white people”. (the implication I read into this with all the ill will I can master was: “they deserve it”.)

  8. Silly infidel dhimmis! Don’t you know that islamic hate-speech and death-threats are really only fine examples of protected religious speech?!

    Islam is above reporach and above the law, because the judiciary and law-enforcement leaders have ordered the cops have to accept the moslems’ one and only alibi, that:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    “Well , of course Mr. Moslem! It is indeed your lawful and holy right and duty to extort, enslave and murder all us inferior dhimmis into your wonderfully peaceful Religion of Submission! Silly us! And as for the rest of you sheeples: move it along, now – nothing to see here!”


  9. oh I hate that bloody islam and their so called god and their prophet the child molester killer of Christians and Jews.

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