Blowbackphobia: Biased Americans Accuse Fearful Muslims

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A lot of rubbish has been written about the Boston bombers. This one here is perverse, obscene and vile:

Biased Americans accuse Muslims

Shortly after the bombing took place, social media exploded with comments about the bombings. Many included early speculations that the attackers may have been Muslims.

I have three simple words for America. Get over it. ... James Washington/ more Blowbackphobia at the  The Spectator thanks to Mullah

Islam, the religion of whacky professors:

“Education, media could combat Islamic stereotypes”– it is also a civic duty for everyone to stand against hate speech toward American Muslims.”  —More stereotype-combating at The Daily Free Press

 Canuckistan: Islamic leader warns of ‘hundreds’ of radicals 

‘Hundreds?’ And you thought it was only a ‘tiny minority of excremists’…..

TORONTO – Radicalized Muslims do operate and recruit in Toronto and one Islamic leader warns we shouldn’t be surprised by news of more nefarious terror plots in the future.

“It’s simply not fair.”

More Mustard BS from  Alaska:

“Islamic law does not permit the random, indiscriminate killing of civilians. It is categorically forbidden,” says Omid Safi…..  (there are no civilians in Islam… only Muslims are “innocent”…)

Muslims react with fear, frustration to Boston bombing aftermath

“This will put Islamophobia on steroids,” fears Muqtedar Khan, an associate professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware in Newark.

Kafirphobia is nothing to worry about…..

Will Islamophobic Mobs Target Muslims in the Wake of the Boston Bombing?

There is no doubt that Islamophobic people exist.

Really? If “Islamophobia” is a non-existent word in the dictionary then why should  there be no doubt that “Islamophobic people” exists?

 “But where is this Islamophobic mob? Where are these marauding Muslim-haters undergoing a post-Boston freakout?” They are, he says, “a figment of liberal observers’ imaginations.” …

  The anti-Islamophobia lobby, he opines, only “poses as the implacable opponent of bigotry, yet it spreads a bigoted view of ordinary white folk as so volatile, so brimming with fury, that they are one terrorist bombing away from transforming into an anti-Muslim pogrom.”It seems as if there is bigotry; but it is aimed at white men. 

Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau said, “there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society.”

Geraldo’s Mustard Brothers

Geraldo Rivera tweeted, “regrets to my Muslim brothers/sisters. We know how Boston will aggravate life’s friction—Now’s the time for patience pride & understanding.”