Boats, boats, boats and more boats….

Sponsored travel to Australia

Andrew Bolt

Don’t bother with Christmas Island

Now sailing into Australian ports: 

The boat arrivals now are unprecedented. Another boat was met this morning with more than 60 on board.

An asylum seeker boat has arrived in Geraldton, further south than any asylum seeker boat has travelled in recent years…


Foreign aid brings us boat people:

THE 66 asylum seekers who yesterday reached Geraldton, just 425km north of Perth, travelled to Australia in a fishing boat donated to Sri Lanka after the Boxing Day tsunami…

Their vessel was branded with Deutsche Bank’s logo and was in bank colours with a spokesman confirming similar vessels were donated after Sri Lankan fishing communities were devastated by the 2004 tsunami. “Deutsche Bank contributed substantially to the 2004 tsunami relief efforts, including donating fishing boats to communities in Sri Lanka (where people) had lost their livelihood, this appears to be one of those boats,” a bank spokesman said…

Asylum boats are taken back to sea and burnt for quarantine reasons.

Helping people to help themselves.  To Australia.