Boston Bombers Muslims From Chechnya; “Backlash” BS Hits The Fan

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Black hat, white hat:

Boston bombing: ‘Black hat’ dead, ‘white hat’ on the loose

The two bombers are brothers from Chechnya.

Boston bombers have “international links,” possible military training — “a man who came here to kill people”

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Officer Shot Dead at MIT – Suspects Hurl Bombs – One Dead – Chechen Brothers (Video via GWP)

Surviving Boston bomb suspect #2 is identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  They have been in the US for over a year.  They reportedly have foreign training.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev won a scholarship to Cambridge.

BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 and Suspect #2 are Chechen Tsarnaev Brothers

Yitzhak rubs it:

 After Boston attack: US Muslims reliving post 9-11 experience

Muslims in the US are living in fear, praying that those responsible for the bombings in Boston will be apprehended and shown to be non-Muslim. (the Obama-Holder crime gang will see to it)

Muslims, the only victims of Islamic terror:

American Muslims claim backlash from Boston Marathon bombing

Tony Eastley: “How much does the media have to play in those perceptions…..”

American Muslims say regardless of who is responsible for the Boston bombing, they have already suffered a backlash. Their concerns were heightened after suspicion at first fell on a Saudi man who was seen running from the event.

“Black cap, white cap”

Boston: police officer shot dead and armed drama in Watertown – live

There is shouting going on:

Police in Watertown were shouting warnings that the suspects were “throwing explosives, and warned about “unexploded ordinance.” They later shouted that one suspect was in custody and another was still at large.–

Gunrunner Holder feels ‘frustration and anger’ over gun bill defeat 


(CNN) — A university police officer has died after being shot on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge late Thursday, according to state police.

Irritating  Brain-Farts From a Creepy  Muselturd:

 Terrorism is a grotesque form of theatre. It doesn’t exist without its audience, which is why it is always public. The show is for us. The most futile terrorist attack is the one we fail to notice. So it is designed to seize our emotions; to make us incapable of ignoring it. Thus is terrorism’s paradox: it succeeds only because we make it. … Waleed Aly

24 thoughts on “Boston Bombers Muslims From Chechnya; “Backlash” BS Hits The Fan”

  1. Boston Bombers Muslims From Chechnya; “Backlash” BS Hits The Fan

    I was wondering how our Sheik would headline the story, and you did not disappoint! 🙂 Well said.

    As to the most insidious islam-snake-oil-sales-man, waalid aly: WE pay this proselytising creep! And here again, all he wants is to sweep the fact under the carpet, the facts that it is HIS islam and its followers who are OUR enemy. I am soooooo contemptuous of this profiteer that I feel sick.

  2. Rita,

    Wally is not just a profiteer; is is also a sly jihadist, a well trained agit-prop behind enemy lines.

    Tomorrows headlines today:

    Hussein Obama: “terrorism has no religion”

    ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano: “the system worked’


    Interfaith healers: “nothing to do with Islam…”

    Atheist morons: “we hate all religions equally”

    Imam Rauf: “we need to build another mosque in Boston, for the healing…”

    CNN warns that “it should not be assumed that either brother was radicalized because of their Chechen origins.

    The Los Angeles Times wrote that many Muslims are hoping the bomber is not one of them because they have “dark memories about the pervasive suspicion” they received following the 9/11 attacks.

    You can add the rest yourself….

  3. Our Prez is SOOOOOOOOOOO brilliant ! I am happy to hear that Terrorism in the name of ALLAH is not a religion.

    I would never have thought of that if not for B-O’s great insight.

  4. Muslim it is . In a survey for 3000 Indian muslims conducted by ULEMA when it was asked who comes first : 87% said Religion( Islam) , 9% said Parents and only 4% said country . Really a shame. I think the world over it will be the same stats. Hindus are majority in India but Indian govt favours muslims for vote bank politics. USA will also become like India if they do not stop vote bank politics and do not stop muslim migrants.

  5. Soon that there will be a mosque built near the site of the Boston bombings, paid for by the Saudis , to commemorate another victory for the sick cult of islam…..Obama with his fawning,defensive respect for Islam MUST GO NOW…

  6. So, People, If retarded ,ignorant neanderthal minded Islam is the answer, what the hell is the question…??? I address the question mainly to the English who are on the road to becoming an islamic nation if the liberals their way.

  7. The sooner people recognize that ISLAM IS TERRORISM, the better. They need to wake up to this truth. The biggest challenge to humanity is from islam.

    Sheikyermami is spot on. That is how the cult of islam operates. The more insidious of their lot will go on a denial and negation effort, and say that the bombings had nothing to do with islam. Black lies! Political correctness is their ally.

    Plainspeak is the need of the hour – let’s call a spade a spade!

  8. Barry Oblamer declared the war on terrorism all but over and the terrorist was on the run…Then he fed four brave American hero’s to the wolves in Bengazi and continually blamed it on a movie so he could make his sheeple elect him again…Their blood is on his hands…The truth will come out even if he still gets to sweep it under the rug…Real Americans want the truth…Not LIES from a dictator…He and his sheeple will drown in his carp of lies and that will be his legacy along with all his other failures…And those who voted for him because they wanted to be part of history making ..that still makes me sick…Will be part of history…the dopes who got DUPED

  9. I wonder if BARRY will be able to call them TERRORIST or try to make his sheeple believe the war on terrorism is over and their on the run…They are on the run…to American soil…Two attacks on American soil on King Oblamers watch.

  10. As an atheist, I don’t like any religion, but I absolutely loath and detest Islam. It is a mental cancer.

  11. “Moron Atheists : We hate all religions equally.”

    You should read Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens… These are the biggest names in atheism and none of them treat Islam with kid gloves.

  12. If they are Muslims they must be Terrorists and if the kill 26 children in a School and they are of Jewish origin the must be mentally disturbed. Could it be that these guys are mentally disturbed and we are trying to read too much into it. Otherwise all the other attacks on Schools and buildings were done by Christians or Jews.

  13. Also, why is there so much hatred against Muslims. Is it that there religion is stronger or is it because we fear some thing we do not understand.

    Also why would Chechens attack USA, I thought they hated the Russians. What have the American govt done that they are not telling us about. So I believe that these individuals were mentally disturbed

  14. Why don’t these totally useless morons stop critising Muslims. They should look at and total the number of killings done by thoughs who do not believe in any religion and they will find more people have been killed by these sick fools. You always get people who pretend to be Atheists, but they are really JEWS pretending. They are scared to let the cat out the bag. So I normally treat these Atheists morons as small children. They are unable to face Muslims one to one they must hide behind their big brother USA.

    Most normal Muslims LOVE THE USA and really deeply feel for the loss in Boston. No one should have to suffer this. But in a time when we should be trying to build bridges and build the community we have our Atheist Morons singing hate.

  15. Why do people, who are Atheists always wakeup after the event and slag everyone. Instead of trying to understand the situation and try to provide intelligent solutions they just want to create hatred for the Muslims. Could it be that these people are really responsible for all that is happening .

    Let me give you an example: If we continuously attack a hornets nest and then the hornets attack us. If we then complain that the hornets are attacking us. We justify the reason we attack the hornets in the first place and that we were right to do so. Do you think that the hornet will stop attacking?

    Some thing to think about!!!!

  16. @Tim Anganu

    “…If they are Muslims they must be Terrorists and if the kill 26 children in a School and they are of Jewish origin the must be mentally disturbed. ….Otherwise all the other attacks on Schools and buildings were done by Christians or Jews.”

    People who kill children in schools are mentally disturbed.

    The muslims who killed over 300 children in a school in Beslan , Russia – were both mentally disturbed AND terrorists. As are the muslims in Egypt currently killing, maining and kidnapping Copts in Egypt or Christians in Nigeria.

    Why, what do you call them? Dedicated Ummah expansionists?

  17. “Instead of trying to understand the situation and try to provide intelligent solutions they just want to create hatred for the Muslims. ”

    WHY should I understand a mentally disturbed belief system? Why should I make allowances for a barbaric belief system? Why should I provide a intelligent solution when the people who adhere to a death cult are anything but ‘intelligent’?

    It’s up to Muslims to integrate, it’s up to Muslims to work things out, it’s not up to me to spoon feed arseholes..

    Get it?

  18. Islam is mere idolatry, the excuse for a false right to remain irresponsibly wrong, by claiming: “The Allah Made Me Do It! Whee!”

    Islam indulges the masochistic, defeatist’s cackwards and victim-blaming claim that: “We’re not responsible for any evil we do because we’re all only the helpless slaves of random, unknowable Allah!”

    Therefore, YES, the moslems DO indeed HATE the “false” notion of FREEDOM (free will) and “Liberty,” which proves them to be evil liars, and responsible for their own crimes!

    Which is exactly why we get constantly ‘treated’ to their false-pride hands-caught-in-the-cookie-jar, backwards displays of defiance all the time!

    So: what motivates islam? “Jealousy” = perverse, defeatist victim-blaming masochism! And masochism can easily be seen as the gut reaction people have when they see something they fear, that their immediate response is to Submit to it: “We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!”

    In this way, they hope to avoid the fear of pain, by pre-emptively inflicting that pain on themselves (thus cancelling the auxiliary pain caused by the fear)! See?

    And cowardice loves company: selling group-might-made-rights and divisive identity politics also automatically deprives all real human individual citizens of all their rights; (enslaving them to their preferred “group might makes right” victimology stance) and this is the simple truth all liberals and moslems avoid by pretending to be unable to understand it: that in choosing to do nothing to resist oppression, they have in fact made a choice. But they pretend to justify their treason to rationality and civilization, by asserting a false “Moral High Ground;” that: “If I Submit to you because you say you’re better than me, then it’s all your fault, and when it’s all your fault, then none of it’s my fault, so I’m still better than you! Whee!”


  19. Those losers are terrorists that is all they are. Yes now we get to find out what the jerk did to his gf and Russians are not Chechnyans they do not come from the area they are converting the real Russians and want to take over and make them their own. The jihad for Russian land doesnt stop and I wish I could have five minutes with the idiot and he wouldnt be fricken laughing at me and my country anymore and damn him and his fugly old stupid mother. Do the parents care? Well,yes but can they be forgiven? Im thinking the jerk can end up mysteriously “hanging in his cell” and end of,him forever. But he is really ugly inside and out God what does it mean to be a terrorist mentally disordered uncaring no heart and no soul. Stupid trash is his name now.

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