Boston terror suspect a well connected Saudi

“Innocent” Saudi in Boston bombing has (family)  ties to several al-Qaeda terrorists

Posted on April 17, 2013 by creeping

via Walid Shoebat.

A couple of weeks ago we warned America about the very serious problem of Saudi infiltration; many of these Saudi nationals criminals and terrorists.

After the bombings, a Saudi by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was hospitalized and became a ‘suspect’, then a ‘person of interest’. His apartment was searched by federal and local authorities. No confirmation has been given so far to his involvement. The Media were quick to claim his innocence, of course.

This brings us to the Boston marathon bombings. Foreign Policy is reporting that he’s ‘no longer a person of interest’, which means he’s “innocent”, right?


Dumber than dirt:

“Innocent” Saudis:

Do any of those three resemble Alharbi, who can be seen in this photo, via Al Aribya?

A Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi – who has six relatives belonging to Al Qaeda and five that were detained at Gitmo – was injured at the scene of terrorist bombings at the Boston marathon. The bombings had certain characteristics that indicate they were the work of Al Qaeda.

Now we have a photo(s) of what very well could be three Saudis, to include at least one who resembles Alharbi at the scene of the bombings.

And Alharbi went from ‘person of interest’ to completely innocent in less than 24 hours?

Smell coverup yet?

Perhaps a quick look at the Arabic sources should raise the eyebrows of every American relative to the extent of the problem at hand. Many from Al-Harbi’s clan are steeped in terrorism and are members of Al-Qaeda. Out of a list of 85 terrorists listed by the Saudi government shows several of Al-Harbi clan to have been active fighters in Al-Qaeda:

#15 Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#73 Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
#26 Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
#29 Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
#43 Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
#60 Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi

Then you have Al-Harbi clan members in Gitmo:

Salim Salman Awadallah Al-Sai’di Al-Harbi
Majid Abdullah Hussein Al-Harbi
Muhammad Abdullah Saqr Al-Alawi Al-Harbi
Ghanem Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al-Harbi
Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awfi Al-Harbi

There are specific Saudi clans that are rife with members of Al-Qaeda, which makes it quite alarming as to why nearly a hundred thousand student visas are issued to these. Americans are clueless as to clan ties when it comes to terrorism.


That didn’t take long. Obama is now calling this terrorism so it shouldn’t be long before he blames this on one of his domestic opponents and the media blame anyone who is not Democrat or Muslim. Much like they did in the Texas judicial killings.

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  1. dirt…these people have no regard for the countries they are in, how they got in to the USA I don’t know

  2. When muslims terrorize people they are only doing what the koran tells them to do. They are just following their religion. Don’t they have the right to freedom of religion. “Kill the infidels wherever you find them.” why does muslim terror surprise anyone. It shouldn’t. What we should be surprised by is an immigration policy that keeps em coming.

  3. “A Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi – who has six relatives belonging to Al Qaeda and five that were detained at Gitmo.”

    -Oh dear, what bad luck for Alharbi, who ‘just happens’ to have familial ties to Al Quid. With the bad luck of synchronously being so very near a a Terrorist bombing that just happened to use the standardized Muslim jihadist bomb style favored in the family business.

    I am sure it was just one big misunderstanding. A coincidence…yes, that’s it, A coincidence.

    Those White Conservatives/ Right Wing nuts are just soo prolific? Right? Right, well at least that is what the MSM and Bloomberg and his political ilk tell us 24/7.

  4. Wow, author, you are a gigantic, ignorant, racist moron. Just bc they have the same family name doesn’t mean that they know each other at all. Lots of people are named Al-Harbi. That like saying his name was Johnson and there are some Johnson’s in jail. What a prat.
    @ Dave – crawl back to the cave that you came out of, please. For all of our sakes. The violent ones that I see are white men who serial murder the most, rape the most, shoot up schools the most, and are growing in numbers of white supremacist terrorists. Muslims don’t want or need to bother the U.S., but the U.S. won’t get out of their countries or leave them alone. Muslims have the freedom of religion and they choose Islam. 1.6 billion people and growing each day. Thousands of people in the U.S. are converting to Islam each year. It’s here to stay, buddy. It’s going to be the top religion worldwide. Muslims have more children than other people. Period.

  5. @Me88:

    What “race” is islam, again?!

    Family names mean a lot more in us-versus-them tribal societies, where they marry their own cousins a lot to keep other tribes from out-breeding them. The whole pan is to keep all the women (as multiple wives) within the tribal gang, to exclusively breed more (hopefully male, warrior) children for the tribe alone. men are encouraged to marry within their own families, and women are discouraged (by being “honour” killed) to never marry outside them.

    Hence, Arabic and especially moslem surnames mean that YES, you ARE related to all others of that same name.

    Historically, even before islam it was so: the prefix “ABD” (as in “abdullah, Abdul) means “Slave Of” and referred to specific tribes worshipping and dedicated to – or proudly enslaved by – specific pagan gods.

    How are DAVE’s comments from within a “cave” you moron?! He’s absolutely objectively and factually correct on all counts!!!

    The only ones “living in caves” (benighted by ignorance) are you mindless moslem followers of the bandit-king terrorist Muhammad (who himself spent a lot of his life hiding in dark caves to form his primitive caveman “religion”).

    The rest of your blather is equally self-blinded wilful ignorance:

    “The violent ones that I see are white men who serial murder the most, rape the most, shoot up schools the most, and are growing in numbers of white supremacist terrorists. Muslims don’t want or need to bother the U.S., but the U.S. won’t get out of their countries or leave them alone.”

    If one defines “serial murder” as murder following a pattern, then islam once again wins this category hands-down.

    And who are these multitudes of “white supremacists”?! Tim McVeigh – who was trained in bomb-making by moslems?! Well, that’s ONE. I dare you to name any others, EVER!

    Same goes for rape: Since all moslimas must have their clitorises cut out so that only the males can enjoy sex, then every moslem sex act is one of rape. And of course there’s always the god-mandated, “holy” pedophilia rampant in all islamic countries.

    As for those “islamic” countries of “theirs” them selves: because of the Qur’an’s clear commands to emigrate and spread terror, to violently conquer the world until only one culture and “religion” (allah’s islam) remains, the moslems have violently invaded, conquered, raped and destroyed over two thirds of the previously Greek, Christian countries in the middle east – like Egypt, Libya, Syraia, Iraq, and Turkey (not to mention Iran and India)!

    Which brings us to America, and your idiotic statement that “Muslims don’t want or need to bother the U.S.” despite what happened on 9/11.

    And let’s not forget that, the very day after America first broke free of the British, (and so also lost the protection of the British navy) the moslems in Tripoli and their Barbary Coast pirate minions were they first in the world to officially declare WAR on the Unnited States!

    Islam is ONLY an ancient, ongoing extortion racket CRIME syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    Your us-versus-them and might-makes-right assertions that islam and it’s perpetual hate-crime death-threats against all the non-moslems in the world, is somehow legitimated by sheer numbers alone, will never excuse it from being nothing more than a crime-gang of holy mobsters.

  6. It doesn’t take years to deport people, lol. That’s why it’s called deportation. They just put you in hearings & out you go.

  7. @ME88 “It’s going to be the top religion worldwide. Muslims have more children than other people. Period.”
    Oh really with the way pislam is killing apostates i reckon you’ll have no-one in pislam in about 10 years!

    Yeah it doesnt take years to deport somebody ask qatada, 10 years and counting.

    “rape the most” yeah “PER CAPITA” search for muslim rapes and you get About 2,570,000 results thats out of 1.6 billion mussies with Sweden rating the highest amounts of rape in the WORLD you lot must love those Swedish blondes???

    Search muslim terrorists and you get About 24,200,000 results.
    I thought pislam was a “religion of peace” but of course we always get told that they aren’t true muslims, as far as we are concerned they follow pislam, they ARE mussies
    As for Dave crawling back to the cave that he came out of, does that mean you will slither back under the rock you slithered out from??.

  8. Oh please, not the “It’s going to be the top religion worldwide” braggadocian claim again. B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

    Ugh…exaggerated delusions and they quote the same lines.

    @Infidel Brotherhood(Australia), you are not wrong, they do us all a favour by keeping their numbers static by culling their own.

    @ME88, You illustrate why Muslims (even converts like you) have the collectively the lowest IQ out of any subgroup in the world.

    There is about 7 billion (speaking in general terms) people in the world.
    Allegedly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, that leaves 5.4 billion people in the world who neither like or trust Muslims.

    Simple translation: you’re a minority…tread carefully.

  9. Note that the MSM and the WH never describe the bombing suspects ethnicity and we all know what this is code for.


    Breaking News one Boston Bomber is now dead-Died in police shoot out.

    Good Riddance.

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