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Huffington Post “Helping Terrorists”— Pamela Geller

“For many disaffected souls in today’s world, jihad is a heroic cause that holds the promise that anyone from anywhere can make a mark against the most powerful country in the history of the world. “
 “Disaffected youth….”
‘Disaffected’ youth, traumatized by ‘war-torn homelands’ (neither of which describes the bombers) has been hauled out again as the key cause to the atrocity.  The words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ are nowhere to be seen.

The Puff Hos are at it again. More than any other major online publication, the Huffington Post has become a murdering jihadist’s best ally. In the following piece, we are admonished for “overwrought reaction” to the mutilating, maiming and slaughtering of women, children, and families on our streets during a happy, iconic event. No, Scottie, it’s a human reaction. It’s an appropriate response after a limp-wristed pathetic response to a  decades-long war on our freedom. Disaffected souls? These Boston bombers had the best of everything a free country offers.   (Continued below the fold)

Crackpots, Cranks & the PuffHo

No need to mention Marxists & Muslims separately, they’re all in the same camp these days.

Its hard to find any difference between al Jizz, the Qatari jihad site and the PuffHo: even the cretins who write trashy anti-American propaganda pieces for Arab-Muslim supremacists are the same:

And the whining about Fox is almost Islamic, too:

People they hate:


The immediate response to a madman with a gun in Newtown or Aurora is GUN CONTROL! This despite the fact that gun control increases gun crime and only renders law-abiding citizens less safe. Why after the hundreds of thwarted jihadi attacks in the states since ’93 or ’01 there was no such call for JIHAD CONTROL? Here’s the AFDI plan for that.

What does Scott Atran recommend? Sharia enforcement — yes, Atran wants to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia — do not report on  jihad, and the accompanying bombs, slaughter and killing. Yes, Scott, that will certainly work against 1,400 years of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements. Atran urges us to “deny terrorists media exposure” — yes, sanction their slaughter with our silence.

This clown takes asshattery to the next lev, but the Huff Po runs this jihad propaganda regularly. Never do you see Spencer, Geller, Ibn Warraq, Bostom, or Sultan in that rag. Monstrous; the blood is still on the sstreets of Boston and this savage is telling us not to speak of it.

Helping Terrorists Terrorize: How Our Overwrought Reaction Fosters Radicalization Scott Atran,Huffington Post (thanks to Benedict)

“Americans refuse to be terrorized,” declared President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombings, “Ultimately, that’s what we’ll remember from this week.” Believe that, and I’ve got some great beach property in Arizona to sell you.

The Boston bombings have provoked the most intense display of law enforcement and media coverage since 9/11. Greater Boston was in full lockdown: “a ghost town,” “a city in terror,” “a war zone,” screamed the headlines. Public transit was stopped, a no-fly zone proclaimed, people told to stay indoors, schools and universities closed, and hundreds of FBI agents pulled from other pressing investigations to exclusively focus on the case — along with thousands upon thousands of other federal, state, and city agents equipped with heavy weapons and armored vehicles. It all came close to martial law, with all the tools of the security state mobilized to track down a pair of young immigrants with low-tech explosives and small arms who failed to reconcile their problems of identity and became amateur terrorists.

Not that the events weren’t shocking and brutal. But this, of course, is part of the overall U.S. reaction to terrorism since 9/11, where perhaps never in history have so few, armed with so few means, caused so much fear in so many. Indeed, as with the anarchists a century ago, it is precisely the outsized reaction that sponsors of terrorism have always counted on in order to terrorize.

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