Cunning Plans

“There Is A Cunning Plan To Drag The islamic World Into Sectarian Conflict” — Magari

There is no such plan, and there doesn’t have to be such a plan. Left alone, the Sunnis and Shi’a will go at it. They all inhabit the same Islamic universe of aggression and violence, and the need to attack others as insufficiently or incorrectly Muslim. In Iraq the Sunnis will never acquiesce in their loss of power to the Shi’a and the Shi’a will never relinquish the power that their numbers, they believe, entitle them. In Syria, the quasi-Shi’a Alawites (in truth, not true Muslims at all with their veneration of Mary and host of other practices) will never yield their power to the Sunnis, for they know that will doom them. There is no need for the West to figure out how to increase sectarian conflict. It need only stay away, regarding the violence with indifference or grim satisfaction.  (Hugh Fitzgerald)

From the Jerusalem Post:

Hezbollah is under pressure to withdraw from Syria as the US and Sunni leaders in Lebanon and Syria criticise the group’s intervention.

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