Donkey bombs are uncommon, there’s no donkey bomb trend in Afghanistan

How good is that? How about “anus bombs are uncommon, but there is no anus bomb trend in Jihadistan?”

Jihad in Afghanistan: Donkey bomb explodes killing policeman

Allahee akbaw. “Donkey bomb explodes killing policeman in Aghanistan [sic] as Taliban turn live animals into explosives,” by Sam Adams for the Daily Mail, April 5 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur via JW):

A policeman has been killed and three civilians were injured after a bomb strapped to a donkey exploded at a police post in Afghanistan.

File Photo

Local government spokesman Sarhadi Zwak says the animal blew up in front of the checkpoint in the Alingar district of Laghman province.

Mr Zwak said Taliban militants were responsible for the bomb, which was remotely detonated. Insurgents are finding new ways to thwart stepped up security measures in their bid to undermine confidence in the Afghan government.

Violence in the country has escalated as US and other foreign combat forces prepare to withdraw by the end of 2014.

Donkey bombs are uncommon in Afghanistan, although the militants are having to find increasingly bizarre ways to get explosives close to their intended targets.

Oh, good: donkey bombs are uncommon. There’s no donkey bomb trend. It’s only atiny minority of donkey bombers. So relax, willya?

Female suicide bombers are regularly used by the Taliban, with children even reportedly being trained to carry out attacks.Today’s incident comes after insurgents wearing Afghan army uniformslaunched a suicide attack and stormed a courthouse in a failed bid to free Taliban inmates, killing at least 46 people.

The attack began when nine men wearing suicide vests drove into the capital of Farah province in western Afghanistan, evading checkpoints by using army vehicles, according to the provincial police chief.

The stand-off ended some eight hours later when the last gunman was killed….

4 thoughts on “Donkey bombs are uncommon, there’s no donkey bomb trend in Afghanistan”

  1. The Central Government of Afghanistan has passed a law banning donkeys from carrying external goods on their backs to eliminate the donkey bomb threat. Now donkeys are legally only to be used as pets, food and sexual gratification (limited to muslims, of course).

    A fatwa by the imam at the largest mosque in Khabul, is attempting to subvert the new regulations by permitting the new terrorism vehicle, the Donkey Anal Bomb (DAB).

    It’s just easier to ban islam. In all the history of that miserable cult, nothing good has ever come of it.

  2. Given that donkeys are more intelligent than islamists one can only assume that the poor animal that was blown up by the islamic retards had relatives held as hostage by the muslim morons. Plenty of videos shot by nitescope in Iran showing arab men relieving their deepest desires with the farm donkey!!!!
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    Allan in China is correct – nothing useful has come out of islam and the suggestion he offers has merit.

  3. Poor Donkey!
    Muslims are the most cruel and sadistic bastards of them all.
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    Karma will catch up to the guy that strapped the bomb to the poor donkey!!

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