Egypt: this is jihad, not “sectarian violence”

Eight dead since weekend:

CAIRO –  An Egyptian security official says a Coptic Christian has died of burns sustained during sectarian clashes, raising the death toll to eight since the weekend.

The official says attackers doused Saber Helal, 26, with gasoline and set him on fire during clashes over the weekend between Muslims and Christians in Khosoos, a town north Cairo. Four other Christians and a Muslim were killed at the time.  Read more:–Fox News

From the Religion of Peace

While religious minorities in Muslim countries were trying to dodge kidnappers, mob violence, Molotov cocktails, rocks, bullets, machetes, torture and invitations to “embrace Islam or die”, Muslims in Europe spent their week whining about ham and headscarves.

Its their own fault;  because they cling to their man-made religion:

Egypt: Four Copts and no Muslims arrested for cathedral violence:  “the violator is free and the victim gets jailed and humiliated”

Muslims brutalize Christians, and the Christians get arrested. That’s life in Muslim Brotherhood Egypt — oh, and also in Sharia Britain. “Four Copts arrested for complicity in Cathedral clashes,” by Rana Muhammad Taha for Daily News Egypt, April 12 (thanks to JW):

At least four Coptic activists were arrested on Friday dawn for complicity in St. Mark’s Cathedral clashes which erupted outside the cathedral on Sunday as Coptic families were preparing a funeral procession for those who were killed in Al-Khasous the day before.

Egypt: “Copts are facing organized oppression and forced emigration.” Islamic supremacists “want to get rid of Christians across the Middle East.”

The Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham said in 2006 that “after 11 September, there is a plot to eliminate all the Christian minorities from the Arabic world.” That’s an Islamic jihadist plot, not an Israeli Zionist one.

“Egypt’s Coptic Christians live in fear of Islamic extremists,” by Jeffrey Fleishman for the Los Angeles Times, April 12 (thanks to JW)


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