Egyptian Cleric: The Jews Staged the French and Communist Revolutions to Corrupt the World

The Jews, the Jews! Of course they did. Who else?

Egyptian Cleric Sayyed Azab: The Jews Staged the French and Communist Revolutions to Corrupt the World

Following are excerpts from a religious program featuring Egyptian cleric Sayyed Azab, which aired on Al-Omma TV on April 18, 2013: MEMRI TV

Transcript below the fold.

But what else have the Jews been up to? But of course they are behind the Boston bombings, and they caused the Iran earthquake. But wait a minute? Wasn’t that caused by uncovered sluts?

 Sudan Friday Sermon: Israel Behind Boston Bombings, Iran Earthquake

(Transcript also below) MEMRI TV

Sayyed Azab: The Jews wanted to corrupt the world. They staged what is known as the French Revolution, establishing the world’s first republican regime. They wanted such regimes to protect them. They based the revolution on so-called freedom, fraternity, and equality, regardless of religion, race, gender, or language. Then they made themselves superior, and whenever anyone dares to criticize them, they raise hell, accusing him of being an antisemite.

They established the first republican regime, in order to leave the ghetto, or the Jewish neighborhood. The people suffered so much from the evil of the Jews that they confined them to designated neighborhoods, called ghettos, which they were not allowed to leave. They prevented them from marrying non-Jews. They confined the Jews to specific quarters, and prevented them from running in elections or doing anything, because they knew how dangerous and scheming the Jews are.

So the Jews carried out what is known as the French Revolution, in order to crawl out of the woodwork, and to practice their scheming in public, so that they could take over the world. After staging the French Revolution, the slogan of which was “Hang the last priest by the intestines of the last king,” they discovered that they had not accomplished their goal.

All this was not enough to corrupt the world and take control of it. So they carried out what is known as the Communist Revolution. Marx the Jew, the founder of the Communist theory, and Friedrich Engels, the philosopher of the revolution… The revolution was staged by Lenin, who was also a Jew. This entire revolution was carried out by the Jews. This is how they wanted to spread atheism throughout the world. Leon Trotsky the Jew established what was known as the Soviet Red Army, which brought catastrophes upon the Muslims, killing millions of them.

All these Jews wanted to spread atheism and to corrupt people.


Sudan Friday Sermon: Israel Behind Boston Bombings, Iran Earthquake

Following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Sheik Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri, which aired on April 19, 2013:

Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri: The most important political events of the week were the Boston earthquake and the Texas earthquake, which joined it yesterday… Or rather, the bombings in Boston and in Texas, as well as the Iran earthquake. In short, the peculiar thing is that no one knows who is behind these events. Even President Obama said: “We do not know who did this or why.” Iran, too, does not know who caused the earthquake.

People know who is responsible for earthquakes. It is God. But now there are allegations that this earthquake was artificial. The so-called “earthquake-war” has begun. The industrialized countries have the capacity to make bombs that impact the Earth’s crust and core, causing earthquakes. It is even said that the tsunami that raised the waves, causing thousands of deaths, was, in fact, an experiment in that weapon.


This earthquake had two goals: first, to [prevent] the Russians from officially handing over the Bushehr nuclear plant to Iran within a month’s time. The West does not want this to happen.

They wanted to destroy the new gas pipeline [from Iran to Pakistan], along with the [Bushehr] nuclear plant. There is also the issue of promoting the sale of gas masks. These expired gas masks, meant to protect people from nuclear gases, have recently been sold in the Gulf. The fourth goal is to sow fear in the Gulf region, where the earthquakes were heard. They want to make these people scared of the Iranian nuclear plant, and to ignite a regional Sunni-Shiite war, a war between Iran and its neighbors.


To this we should add the bombings in America. Now they are saying that the bombs were placed in “primitive” pots. Why would anyone in the U.S. need to resort to nails and pressure cookers to make a bomb? You can find any type of weapon there and simply buy it. Why did they say “primitive”? I don’t have time to read you the quotation. They said that the bomb was “primitive,” in order to direct the blame at one of us in the Third World.


When North Korea stopped manufacturing buses, it started making nuclear warheads. Today, North Korea poses a threat to America. America might be drawn into an historic war, a war between Communism and capitalism. This is precisely what Israel does not want. Israel wants the war to be between America and the “primitive” Arabs, and that is why the bombs were “primitive.”

I have said that the [9/11] Manhattan bombings were meant to transform America from a country to an empire, and that it is, indeed, what happened. Now, they do not want this empire to expand, and to revive the Cold War – this time with North Korea and the Asian countries. No, they want America to continue to defend Israel.


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  1. This would make sense except that it can’t.

    In a letter written in April 1920, Lenin urged Sergo Ordzhonikidze, chairman of the party’s Caucasian bureau, to display “caution and maximum goodwill towards the Muslims, especially on advancing into Dagestan. Do everything to demonstrate, and in the most emphatic manner, our sympathy for the Muslims, their autonomy, independence, etc.”

    -Mary Holdsworth, “Lenin and the Nationalities Question,” in Leonard Achapiro & Peter Reddaway, eds., *Lenin: The Man, the Theorist, the Leader – A Reappraisal* London, Pall Mall Press, 1967, Pp. 265-294, 287.

    So a clear-cut policy of “affirmative action” was required to promote the national identity of non-Russians – a policy that in practice was bound to entail some discrimination *against* Russians. Bukharin accepted the logic of this situation, asserting that Russians would thus be given the opportunity “to purchase for themselves the genuine trust of the previously oppressed peoples.”

    This solution did not address the fact that, whatever borders one assigned to the Russian republic within the USSR, it was bound to leave out a lot of Russians, and also to contain a large number of non-Russians, including many Muslims. One of the principal Mulsim Communists, Mir-Said Sultan Galiev, proposed forestalling this problem by going even further than Lenin by making all the -istans equal to Russia, but Stalin vetoed him. The result was a complex calibrated hierarchy of union republics, autonomous repubics, autonomous regions, and so on, many of which survived until the end of the Soviet Union. Within the Russian republic, the Bolsheviks favored a non-Russian nationality whenever possible.

    -Rulers and Victims, Geoffrey Hosking-

    And let’s not forget those infamous French-Revolution Jews, like Maximillian Robespeirrestein, St. Justestein, D’antonstein, et al, too.

    And the dastardly Kim Jong-Ilstein, and his son, Kim Jong-Unstein.


  2. Ah! Just found out: the brothers Tsarnaev were BORN in DAGESTAN, the one place Lenin himself SPECIFICALLY singled out for the Russian communists to most Submit to Islam and the Muslims! See how well THAT worked out for them – and for us all!


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