“Erdogan the Magnificent” gets mosque with highest minarets in the world


Tender for Athens state mosque to be launched | Neos Kosmos

Also, the establishment of a mosque is a prerequisite for Greece to launch inspections on an estimated 120 venues illegally operating as mosques in Athens. (Mullah)

Turkey: Work commences on ‘Erdogan the Magnificent’ mosque

On hill over the Bosphorus, highest minarets in the world

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, APRIL 3 – Polemics, accusations, and sarcasm have failed to put a damper on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plans to build an enormous mosque towering over the Bosphorus.

The mosque will be gigantic, covering a surface area of some 15,000 square meters on the Camlica hill on Istanbul’s Asian side, with another 250,000 square meters housing a park, museum, bar, restaurants, amusement park, and a terrace with a breathtaking view over the Bosphorus and Byzantine and Muslim Istanbul. Erdogan had announced the project a year ago, saying that the ”enormous” mosque would be ”visible from anywhere in the city” with ”the highest minarets in the world”. (More)

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  1. Muslims are so insecure, with their silly “mine is bigger than yours” one upmanships with buildings. Ha. Ha because the joke is on you.

    The tallest building in the world is soo last century (late 19th to mid20th centuries in the West to be exact). Whilst you struggle with tallest buildings we have moved on to fly into outer space and dive deep into the ocean.

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