Explosives Used at Boston Marathon Were Pressure Cooker Bombs

These bombs were first used in Afghanistan.

“Inspire” Al Qaeda Magazine: Jihad Propagandist Called for Attacks on Sports Events

Abu Musab al-Suri, the jihadist behind this article is part of the opposition in Syria –here’s  a backgrounder by Dr. Andrew Bostom: “Al-Qaeda Theorist on Targeting Americans for “Mass Slaughter”— (Pamela Geller)

The explosives used at the Boston Marathon were pressure cooker bombs. These were not particularly well built bombs. —Explosives Used at Boston Marathon Were Pressure Cooker Bombs (GWP)…. Isn’t it time for Democrats to ban all pressure cookers?


If It Turns Out To Be A Muslim Bomber In Boston ‘The Media Will Circle The Wagons’ GWP)

You know they will. Where is a rich right wing Christian bigot Islamophobe that fits the O-narrative?

Sad, but predictable.

Predictable… As Americans Grieve Boston Bombings – Left-Wing Blogs Go On Attack

As Americans grieve the Boston Marathon bombings, the left-wing blogs are more interested in attacking conservatives and scoring political points.

It should come as no surprise that the left would resort to such tactics during this national crisis. After all, wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who urged Democrats to never let a serious crisis go to waste?

Obummer calls terrorism TERRORISM

Hooray!… After 20 hours Obama Finally Decides Boston Bombings Were an “Act of Terrorism”

What took the rest of us a matter of seconds to see took Barack Obama twenty hours to comprehend.   Congratulations!

Saudi man ruled out as suspect in Boston terror bombings

Steve Emerson broke the news on Fox just now. He also said that the bombings have all the signs of a jihad attack.

Saudi Suspect a “Devout Muslim”

Saudi in Boston Bombing is a “devout Muslim from Medina”

“He’s a quiet, devout Muslim – he couldn’t do that’: Neighbors’ shock as police raid Boston home linked to burned Saudi student seized near race finish line Daily Mail, April 16, 2013

Saudi held in Boston terror bombings student at New England School of English, entered U.S. on student visa

He is not a suspect, but he is not free to leave the medical center and “smelled of gunpowder.” If he is named as a suspect, he gets a lawyer and clams up – the feds made that mistake with the Christmas underwear bomber. That may be why they keep saying that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is not a suspect.

“Death Toll at 3 in Boston Marathon Bombing Seen By White House as Terrorism,” from Fox News, April 16: