“Extremist counter-reaction to jihadists”

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Did you know that there is an “extremist counter-reaction to jihadists?”

Me neither. But incurable leftist loons will not deal with reality even if it comes in the form of a halal butcher who saws their head off.  Alan Johnson is another one of these scribblers who in the final analysis gets it right in spite of his adversity to reason:

Counter-Jihad Extremists

We need to understand that there are certain ways of talking about Islam that segue into racism. (Islam is not a race) Too many respectable commentators in the UK and elsewhere treat Islam as timeless, a monolithic system without internal development, diversity, or dialogue, and seem to believe it essentially separate and “other,” lacking any aims or values in common with us democrats, inherently violent and supportive of terrorism. (That’s a fact, not a theory)  This refusal to see Islam as a faith or a civilization capable of development, but only as an alien political ideology, ironically, mirrors the Islamist narrative, merely substituting a minus sign where Qutb puts a plus sign. (Ridiculous. Understanding our implacable enemy doesn’t make us mirror them.)

By treating Islam as an exotic, unassimilable and alien threat, something fixed, alien, and threatening to “us,” these writers blur the line between criticism of religious belief and racism. And that will only allow the counter-jihad movement to flourish.

Anything that  will allow the counter-jihad movement to flourish is a good thing. If Alan Johnson is not for it, then he is complicit in the Islamisation of  Western countries. In the real world, that is called treason.


Hard-Left “journalist” Spencer Ackerman tries, fails to convince jihadist that he is only fighting because of U.S. foreign policy

Spencer Ackerman, the hard-Left propagandist at Wired whose “exposes” of U.S. government training materials led to the wholesale purge of any true information about jihad and Islamic supremacism from those materials, has just interviewed the American jihadist Omar Hammami. The interview has some interesting bits, and ishere — but most interesting was a portion of the Twitter exchange between the two, which Ackerman (@attackerman) published along with the article. (JW has more)