For Obama, everything must be “fair”

This is pretty close to the mark:

Israel and the Palestians: For Obama, everything must be “fair”

Bob Taylor/ Washington Times/ CHARLOTTE, March 22, 2013 –

The most popular word in Hussein Obama’s vocabulary is “fairness.”

Whether he is talking about taxes, the U.S. economy or the Israel/Palestine situation, Obama uses the word “fair” as a core tenet of his philosophy.

“Everybody needs to pay their ‘fair’ share” when it comes to taxes. How many times have we heard that?

Now Obama said in a speech to Israeli students in Jerusalem, “It is not ‘fair’ that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of their own.”

In case the president hasn’tt noticed, “LIFE isn’t FAIR.”

It’s not “fair” that American citizens can no longer tour the White House due to sequestration.

Nor is it “fair” that everyone cannot play golf with Tiger Woods or have Beyonce do a command performance for them, just because they can.

Way back in 1948 when they carved up the region that became an Israeli state and Palestinian territory, the Jews made the best of the opportunity and declared their independence. They took a parched, barren chunk of rocky desert and turned it into a garden.

They landscaped the ground, built roads, constructed cities and set about the task of creating something out of nothing.

On the other hand, the Palestinians took the philosophy of the grasshopper in Aeasop’s fable The Ant and The Grasshopper and did nothing while the industrious ant worked. Under leaders like Yasser Arafat it was easier to wage war than find avenues for peace.

For Arafat, conflict served his personal purposes much better than any peace accord ever could. Not only was Arafat one of the founders of modern day terrorism, he filled his coffers with money to the detriment of his own people while continuously inciting them to even greater hatred of the Jewish nation.

So adept was Arafat at his strategy that the very children Obama was referring to in Jerusalem are raised from the moment of birth to hate. It is not uncommon to hear four and five year olds in that part of the world spouting doctrines of hatred they do not understand but which are instilled in them by rote until they are old enough to willingly accept them.

Compromise is out of the question. It is simpler to rant, rave and riot than to reach agreement. Victimization is the order of the day. There is a love affair with martyrdom. And so they are destined to continue pursuing the same mistakes of those who preceded them simply because it just isn’t “fair.”

In Obamaworld hard work that leads to success is not “fair.” It was a mantra of his personal philosophy long before he declared to Joe the plumber that everybody needed a “fair” shake.

If he was a baseball player instead of president, every batted ball would be “fair.” There would be no such thing as a foul.

It matters not that Obama is, of course, above it all because he is omnipotent. Somebody has do it after all. For the rest of us however, everything must be “fair.”

If we look back on Obama’s own life where practically everything he accomplished was given to him, it is easy to see how such ideas evolved. His earliest upbringing was in an Islamic environment where he was perpetually exposed to the concepts of victimization that are so rampant among Muslims.

Later in life, Obama’s mentors were largely radicals. His career background is based within the corruption of Chicago politics. Barack Obama has never had to accept responsibility for anything. So he doesn’t.

As the old saying goes, “a leopard can’t change its spots.” Is it any wonder then that Obama believes everything should be “fair”?

In the harsh inferno of the desert, the ancient code when your enemy ventured into your territory was to provide him food and shelter for three days. After that it was all right to kill him, but the three day grace period was the unwritten law of the land. It is a concept totally alien to a western mindset.

How many presidents would have held a press conference while standing beneath a picture of Yasser Arafat as Obama did this week in Jerusalem?

Whether it was a lack of sensitivity, pure ignorance or just good old fashioned arrogance, the one thing it was for sure, where Barack Obama is concerned, is that it was “fair.”


2 thoughts on “For Obama, everything must be “fair””

  1. SMH.

    The Left want everyone and everything to be “fair” but the problem with this concept is that their is NO fairness in nature. It does not exist.

    This contrived concept of “fairness” lowers the standards for us all, as well as bring us all down to the weakest person in the group, rather then the weakest striving to be better or improved.

    This dishonest concept of “fairness” stifles aspiration, creativity and greatness/success. As well as creating a false sense of capability beyond ones natural ability, which is really quite dangerous.

    As success never comes automatically, failure is the most important factor to success; it plays a critical role in science, medicine and invention to name a few areas were failure is crucial to success.

    But, what do you expect from a president and his cronies who had success without having to test their skill set in the real world and have been carried by other people. Which is reflected on the fact that neither Obama or Clinton can take criticism well, which is an important byproduct of failure.

    Ultimately, we all suffer when mediocrity is the normal standard.

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