From Banglatrash to Pokistan

“Allahu akbar, hang the atheist bloggers”:

100,000 march in Bangladesh, demanding execution of atheist bloggers for “defaming Islam”

Following another huge demonstration calling for the arrest of the atheist bloggers, now the Bangladeshi Islamic supremacists, 100,000 strong, are marching to call for the murder of the bloggers. Tiny Minority of Extremists Update: “‘Death to bloggers’: Bangladesh Islamists,” by Shafiq Alam for AAP, April 6 (thanks to JW):

HUNDREDS of thousands of Islamists rallied in Dhaka after an overnight “long march” to the Bangladeshi capital, demanding the execution of atheist bloggers for defaming Islam.

Jihad in Pakistan:

Paki Cops: We Cannot Force Sunnis Not to Attack Ahmadis...(TROP)

You can really feel the peace of Islam in this photo as members of a student Islamic group bash a policeman in Bangladesh.  They wound up finishing the job with a brick. (TROP)

Muslim clerics lead mob to attack Ahmadi house, torture family

Muslim clerics. Imagine a headline like “Catholic priests lead mob to attack Baptist house, torture family.” Inconceivable. And yet stories like this one are commonplace, and routinely ignored by the mainstream media.

“Clerics attack Ahmadi house, torture family in Punjab,” by Rana Tanveer for theExpress Tribune, March 26:

KASUR: Local clerics attacked a house belonging to an Ahmadi family in the Kasur district of Punjab on Tuesday and subjected the family members to violence allegedly over their religious belief, The Express Tribune has learnt.