Gellerphobia in Long Island

“Interfaith” group tries to muzzle Pamela Geller in Long Island

The jewicidal establishment Jews  are covering for  the annihilationists:

 The Anti-Defamation League denounced us despite the fact that ours is the only truly effective response to the Nazi-like tactics of American Muslim groups that are on a jihad against the Jews.

 Nassau Official Attempts to Block Upcoming Speech

By Rich Jacques/March 30, 2013

… Habeeb U. Ahmed, one of 15 appointed members of the Nassau Commission on Human Rights, has urged members of an interfaith group to bar Geller from speaking April 14 in Great Neck, according to a Jewish Press report. …  More interfaith apostasy and Gellerphobia at PortWashingtonPatch

Pamela Geller:

Terror TV Al Jazeera’s Scathing Anti-Jewish Hit Piece on Pamela Geller and AFDI ads

It is Orwellian that this spokesperson for ‘American Muslims for Palestine’ accuses us of racism when there is no more racist and oppressive system of governance than Islamic law. The systemic genocidal rhetoric and oppression of Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims living under the sharia and the persecution and enslavement of blacks in Muslim countries is the very definition of virulent racism and supremacism.

It takes a lot of chutzpah.

UPDATE: Al Jazeera is on a jihad. They attacked me on Current TV — their latest American media purchase. More of the poisonous fruits from the Gorecle. Preview Clip