Genius. Pure Genius!

Repugnant Sunrise pisspot Andrew O’Keefe figured it all out:  he’s one of many currently avoiding words beginning with “I” and “M”. 

And women, too, of course.

Andrew Bolt has more:

Fairfax’s Sun Herald editorialises on the Boston bombers:

Their mother said her elder son got involved in religion about five years ago and believed her sons were controlled by someone else.

What religion that might be is never mentioned. Christianity?

The Sunday Age feels free to mention the bombers were Chechen, but not that they were Muslim:

Despite the cacophony of speculation and political-point scoring, nobody yet knows what drove Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old US citizen of Chechen descent, and his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, to commit the atrocities of which they stand accused… By typecasting and marginalising cultures in the hunt for scapegoats, we risk exacerbating the very alienation that provides fertile ground for radicalisation.

Radicalising of whom? Buddhists?

I guess we’ve got to look in the mirror and ask what we have done to create angry young men like this.


There is an update:

The Sunday Age really can’t see a pattern here at all:

It should be noted that information that emerged in the hours after Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a police shootout early on Friday didn’t fit into any neat profile, aside from the fact that the suspects were young adult males.

Nothing else in common with the bombers of Bail, London, New York, Boston, Beslan, Moscow and Madrid? Nothing in common with the underpants bomber, the shoe bomber, the dirty bomber? Nothing in common with the more than 20 Australians jailed for terrorism-related offences?

7 thoughts on “Genius. Pure Genius!”

  1. O’Keefe is the fool who tried to take Geert Wilders down. How do these morons get these jobs in the first place from which to pontificate such nonsense. Sure its young males, but young well placed and well educated Muslim males as well you dolt O’Keefe.

  2. Ugh. Just “young men” that happen to be Muslims.

    Yep, no commonality at all. Pfft.

    Cover your eyes and squeeze your eye shut all you want O’Keefe, like the Liberal you are, but it does not change the fact they were Muslims with a jihadist agenda.

  3. No pattern Andrew??

    Let us see.
    Since September 2001, there have been 20,730 terrorist attacks by Muslims.
    Hence over 140 months there have been 20,370 attacks, or 148 per month or roughly 5 per day every day for the last 12 years or so..

    So 148 attacks by Muslims every month for 140 months doesn’t indicate a pattern?

    It must be those Presbyterians again.

  4. He is NOT of Chechen descent. Descent implies he is a local boy whose long ago ancestors came from there. He is a Chechen immigrant. and even that the papers do not want to admit.

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