Geraldo’s Muslim Brothers

Geraldo’s Brother & Sisterhood

Geraldo struck by “Taliban-ish rude uninformed intolerance

At long last a use has been found for Geraldo Rivera. His clownishness exaggerates the idiocy and hypocrisy of Islamophilic liberalism to such an extreme as to warn any reasonable person away from this toxic ideology.  So if we don’t side with Islam against ourselves by pretending that Muslim terrorism isn’t Muslim, we are “Taliban-ish.” Be sensible, Fox News. Take this vile idiot off the air.

Remember his response to the Muslim terror attack on the Boston Marathon?

Jerry Rivera Doubles Down on Sanctimonious Dhimmitude:

When people predictably responded with disgust, Geraldo doubled down:

 Not us, Jerry. The enemy is you, in concert with the Islamic terrorists you twist logic into a pretzel to facilitate.  (Moonbattery)

The AGE sees ‘hope’ (but remains hopeless)

 More libtarded trash that “alienates young men”  and  “isolated young men”  (by Oliver Bullough)   —“Lack of Inclusiveness”- blame George Bush!

Liberal Fox News Host Bob Beckel Stuns With Muslim Student Visa Moratorium Proposition
eckel has an epiphany:

Marxist Foxtard  Bob Beckel Stuns With Muslim Student Visa Moratorium Proposition

“The hatred for the United States runs deep.”–Read More »

Boston blasts: Is US really the paragon of inclusiveness?

The idea of “Us vs Them” – the essence of bigotry and non-inclusiveness – was invented as much in America as in India. Remember George Bush’s “you are either with us or against us” remark after 9/11? Islamophobia was born in America. … More USAphobia at FIRSTPOST

Western Islamophobia And How It Has Everything To Do With Ignorance 

Fatimah sees “ignorance” and anal-yzes the culprits:

Obnoxious anti-Islamic and Islamophobic statements from hate-mongering right wingers like Pamella Geller, Peter King, and Glenn Beck etc were more or less expected. Let’s analyze them one by one. …

“Vulnerable Immigrants”

More “alienation” wingeing from  unassimilable aliens

Ann Coulter on Bombing Suspect’s Wife:

‘She Ought to Be in Prison for Wearing a Hijab’ and…“…they’re assimilating us into their culture.” Comments »

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  1. Psst! Gertardo: “Boston’s homegrown terror, i.e: us,” was born in moslem Chechnya and wasn’t carried out by any American citizens at all.


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