Gillard needs your super for the boaties

“They are attacking the average Australian. You could have half a million dollars and get caught.”

your super may not be safe at all from Labor: 

Superannuation accounts with less than $500,000 may be hit by the federal government’s proposed tax on earnings, experts warn, rejecting the government’s claim it is a tax on the rich.

800 boat people now in a week

Lets just call them undocumented Labor voters:

The Press Council says journalists should not call them illegal immigrants, which prevents an honest debate on why the floodgates are now wide open:

MORE than 800 asylum seekers – the amount the government wanted to send to Malaysia under its people swap deal to stop ongoing arrivals – have arrived in Australia in only a week.

Is Gillard following Obama?


2 thoughts on “Gillard needs your super for the boaties”

  1. Suckers making 50k in America that fell for the same lie of taxing the rich from Obama are now seeing the lies with increases in their own payroll taxes. Expect most people to get an increase in taxes and not just the rich. Watch what your hag Gilliard is doing she is in bed with Islamists and now the communists in China to devalue your currency.

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