Gillard wants your super for the ‘greater good’

And what’s the ‘greater good’ if it doesn’t provide enough moolah for the aggrandisement of incompetent political hacks?

Gillard and her most experienced cabinet colleagues are set to retire with nest eggs worth more than $5 million each just as they oversee rules that make it impossible for others to reach the same target:

In her first speech in Parliament Gillard spoke a perfect indictment of her last days as Prime Minister:

“a weary people who no longer believe what politicians say”

Past his use by date:

Mr Garrett’s spokeswoman said “we were not informed it was outdated”.

Anything for a buck:

“… it is only Labor that has that plan.”

“There will never be sharia finance under a government I lead”

Amanie Advisors Australia is marketing what it claims will be Australia’s first Islamic investment forum.

The forum, ear-marked for Melbourne on 16 April, is intended to bring together political, finance and industry figures along with global investors and higher ranking Shariah scholars.

Commenting on the upcoming forum, Amanie Advisors Australia head Mark Darras said the event had the support of the Victorian Government and would provide the opportunity for Australian companies to put their case before some of the biggest investors in the Islamic world.