Gitmo Prison Guard Converts From Atheism To Islam After Seeing Detainees ‘Wake Each Day And Smile’

Not the first and not the last. How’s an immature American kid expected to hold up in a prison camp where cunning jihadists train themselves daily with Islamic brainwashing techniques and psycho-babble?

 “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse”– bin Laden

CNN has an amazing story out of Guantanamo Bay about an American atheist prison camp guard that converted to Islam after spending extensive time talking to with some of the English speaking prisoners there.

Listen to the clip below via CNN:

Army Specialist Terry Holdbrooks arrived at Gitmo 2003 as “an angry, nearly atheistic 19-year-old MP and by the time he left a year later he was a practicing Muslim. Holdbrooks was amazed at how the detainees “could wake up each day and smile” even though they were locked away in a prison camp with little hope of freedom.

So all of this got him thinking: “Obviously there’s something more to Islam than I had been told.”


Gitmo Hunger Strike: “Barbaric Conditions”

Gitmo: Controversy over inmates hiding weapons in Qur’ans leads to hunger strike

The guards there already handle the Qur’an with great care, in tacit admission that they really are unclean kuffar, and know it. Now the jihadis there are pressing for their Qur’ans to be off limits to inspection, even by the “Muslim linguists” who inspect them now (the kuffar guards are apparently unworthy to perform such an inspection). They’d be able to plot all sorts of things in that event — but at least the military wouldn’t be “Islamophobic.” “Qurans at crux of Guantánamo hunger strike,” by Carol Rosenberg for the Miami Herald, April 5 (JW)

Iran Press TV whines about how terrible these head choppers are treated:

Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, of the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization, (a delusional twit and a race-huckster with a doctor title that he must have won in an African university…)  Washington to further discuss the issue. Short is joined by Maxine Dovere, a New York-based reporter.

Like anybody curious about faith he started to inquire about it. Holdbrooks, a bit disenfranchised with his superiors and fellow soldiers, started speaking for hours with detainees about Islam. One even gave him a copy of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, to study and it led him to change his way of life.

When he approached one of the prisoners about converting he was met with a warning that it would forever change his life. “You understand that if you become a Muslim your unit is going to look at you differently, your family, your country…you understand…your country is going to look at you in a way that isn’t going to be good. It’s going to make things difficult for you,” he was told.

Since he converted Holdbrooks has left military service and become an outspoken opponent of the camp at Guantanamo Bay.


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  1. Who would not wake up with a smile when moving from a desolate cave and starvation rations to the luxury of running hot and cold water, toilets, a comfortable room and three meals a day. When coupled with the fact that they do not even have to work or pay for anything, I am surprised they do not wake up howling with laughter.

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