Gutfeld: Why The Left Embraces Armed Radicals, Mocks Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Fox News

Greg Gutfeld and ‘The Five’ discuss Jada Pinkett Smith’s latest comments praising 60’s radicals and Hollywood’s glorification of left-wing extremists while law-abiding gun owners are demonized.


To hell with McRINO:

GUTFELD: So, last week, we saw Robert Redford crawl up the butt of the Weather Underground, bona fide terrorists who killed innocent people.

Now, it’s Jada Pinkett, who’s gone pinko, showing her new flick on Angela Davies, the commie who try to help a murderer flee form jail. Her boyfriend George Jackson had committed five armed robberies before killing a guard. He also wanted to poison the water system of Chicago. Great guy.

In 1970, his brother Jonathan entered a courthouse armed with shotgun that Davis had bought. That gun blew a judge’s head off.

So whatever became of Davis? Surprise. He was awarded a faculty job and a salary far beyond a prison guard’s widow. How funny is that left wing academics mock law abiding folks with guns, yet somehow always embrace armed radicals who want to destroy America?

I guess one is cool and the other isn’t, which is why Jada is hawking her flick, “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”. How objective was she when covering her subject?

Here Jada describing Davis, quote, “She never apologized for her politics or her association and she always looked fabulous doing it.”

So, look fab and have the right politics and Hollywood bends over. What dirt bags.

Thankfully, though, Jada strongly condemns bullying.

Yes, bullying, the go-to issue for celebrities who cannot condemn deadly behavior. I guess being called names is far worse than getting your head shot off. So hurray for Hollywood, a place where terrorists get tribute and Charlton Heston gets humiliated. Hollywood, it’s how we speak to the world and we’re telling the world that we suck.