Headbanger Rally in Londonistan

Thanks to the Muslim Issue.

UK: Muslims with Taliban and al-Qaeda flags demonstrate at Sri Lanka and Burma Embassies in London

Note the red-bearded ‘revert’ in the front:

Strangely, the protestors didn’t mention the eight murdered Buddhists from Burma who were beaten to death in an Indonesian  jail last week by their fellow Koranimals. The swine from Al Jizz made it sound as if it was some kind of “clash between rival groups”.


6 thoughts on “Headbanger Rally in Londonistan”

  1. “Muslim nation is one nation!” (i.e. Khilafa, or Caliphate)

    Khilafah Conference 17-3-13 recap – It is time for Khilafah (Q.61:9) Hizb ut Tahrir The Netherlands

  2. Treason, kick them all the way to their ‘muslim nation’. Let them try the NHS and social payments there!

    Freedom for the Kuffar.

  3. the red-bearded “revert” may well be a kurd, arab, or from the caucasus. but of course there is no shortage of traitorous dhimmi lunatics in the eurabian heartland of londonistan

  4. The red beards are very likely fake – colouring. Mo apparantly used to colour his beard, as well as wear some of Aisha’s underclothes.

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