Here Come the Boston Bombing Trufers

Send in the clowns!


Boston tragedy has another casualty now: Islam

Chloe Patton is a postdoctoral research fellow in Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding at the University of South Australia. (We call that a wakademic prostitute for Arab Imperialism)

While Muslims may not have faced as many random attacks on the street this time round, they remain fixed in the crosshairs of a multi-million dollar industry dedicated to the sole purpose of hating them.  —More from a multi-million dollar broadcaster that unleashes drivel like the above at ABC (thanks to Mullah)

The comments are better reading than the drivel. (Chloe Patton)

Can you imagine these kind of whack jobs in institutions of higher learning influencing your kids?

Professor’s Wild Claim:

Boston Bombing Resembles a ‘Mass-Casualty Drill’ Possibly Comprised of Actors

“…it has the semblance of being for all practical purposes ‘real.’”– Comments »

 Then there is “public intellectual” Juan Cole on the  two stupid Boston bombers. Tim Blair explains:

“Public intellectual” seems a needlessly complicated term. Isn’t “intellectual” already enough of a slur without “public” adding the suggestion of filthy municipal toilets and inefficient mass transport? —PLAYING THE NIHILISTS

 Mother of Trufers

Boston bombers’ mother calls blast ‘big play’ says ‘there was paint instead of blood’ at the site

Zubeidat Tsarnaev, mother of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar thinks it’s possible the attack didn’t even happen as she claims her sons are innocent.

“Spiritual Morphine”

Lauren Booth Endorses Boston Bombing Trooferism

She’ll end up like Nicky Reilly.

Remember the retard who blew up the loo in a restaurant in Londonistan?  Reilly had intended to run out into the packed dining area but could not open the toilet cubicle door. The caustic soda devices detonated in his hands, leaving him badly injured.

On her Facebook page, antisemitic convert to Islam Lauren Booth endorses a blog post claiming the Boston bombing was staged:

These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone. (Israellycool)

Creepy Bitch With Issues:   

  • Happiness before and after islam (Lauren Booth)

Mother Jones: ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ Killed More Since 9/11 Than Islamic Terror

And of course they have a “survey” to prove it….

“We caused it, its our fault!”

MSNBC Host  Tingles Goes Off on U.S. Foreign Policy: ‘  All We Do Is Kill Arabs on International Television…That Might Have Something to Do With Jihad’

“Because of us. We gave them the power to that.”

Boston Demands That We Know Our Enemy

By Matthew May/The American Thinker

The Boston Marathon bombing was not a tragedy.  The Boston Marathon bombing was another act of war perpetrated against the United States by Islamic jihadists.

Our new masters: primitive swine in suits

Nick Cater on the New Class of the Left:

For the first time there were people who did not simply feel better off but were better than their fellow Australians. They were cosmopolitan and sophisticated, well read (or so they would have us believe) and politically aware. This was not the classless society I had signed up to join.

From Miranda Devine’s review of Cater’s new book. (Andrew Bolt)

3 thoughts on “Here Come the Boston Bombing Trufers”

  1. Chloe opines “… we have not seen the same wave of violent attacks on Muslims that gripped the US in the wake of 9/11…”

    What did she get her doctorate in and from where?

    The violent attacks which gripped the US back then were by Muslims, not on them. But just suppose there was a wave of attacks on Muslims, I doubt very much that most people in the US would have been gripped by them.

    There situation to which she refers is that there was a wave of false claims by Muslim spokespeople, amplified by their 5th column compatriots in the media, that there was to be a backlash, which never materialised, and never has. But that doesn’t stop Chloe and her ilk going along with all that.

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