Here comes Fibbi! (The Islamophobia jukebox blowing the fuse!….)

Fibbi Hooper is the spokesturd for CAIR, a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s been lying for the cause of Islam from the get go.

Links thanks to GWP, Mullah, TROP & others…..

CAIR Rep Says American Muslims Repudiate All Forms of Terror

Except Islamic terror of course, because the soldiers of allah are just following their religion. Those who fight the spread of Islam are committing a heinous crime and must be eliminated. That means pretty much all of us. It goes without saying that no infidel is innocent in the eyes of allah, they are guilty of having rejected Islam and must be killed.

Boston Jihadis Weren’t Influenced By Islam! (Lets blame the Spagetti Monster!)

How ’bout some more “backlash” BS?

“Bridge building efforts threatened”Staten Island’s Russian leaders warn against indictment of entire culture

Interfaith leaders said Islam should not come under fire, even if the investigation shows the brothers were part of that movement. “I don’t think it’s about a religion,” said Mona Zaloom, coordinator of the interfaith group Building Bridges Coalition of Staten Island.

Nasty little Mustard liar:

 Zahra Billoo is the Bay Area regional director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. She notes that previous terror-related incidents have often resulted in a backlash against American Muslims.

Akbar Ahmed: “anything but Islam”

“The motivation for these two would have been very different from the people on 9/11,” said Akbar Ahmed, an American University professor who recently published a book about tribal Islam. “It’s not an act for a political point. It is an act of nihilism, and the frame is not Islam.”

If we include Obama, yes:  US threatened by its own people’

A US-based Imam tells Press TV that the recent wave of incidents in the United States prove that it is the American people who pose a threat to the sovereignty of the US. …

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abdul Alim Musa, Imam of Masjid Al-Islam from Berkeley, to further talk over the issue. …

 More sanitized versions, “Disenfranchised Individuals”, omitting reference to islam, at Yahoo! News / The Lookout
“Tragedy happened”

Good Grief… Obama Lectures US on Diversity Following Arrest of Injured Boston Jihadist Bomber (GWP)  (“Can’t rush to judgement….”

Not enough “diversity”

You just knew this was coming…    Hussein Obama came on television tonight following the arrest of injured Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Obama lectured America on the importance of diversity. And the “tragedy” that just happened…..

Of course, Barry   would have given a separate speech if the bombers would have been “right-wingers,” which would have been unlikely.

 [Nothing to do with islam] “[The] Islamophobia machine is out there, it’s well-funded, well-oiled,” said Abdul Malik Mujahid
Don’t mention the dead and the wounded infidels, “islamophobia” is the problem: More at WBEZ
Hussam Ayloush, another CAIR excrement, blames the KKK:
“A person who claims an Islamic basis for such a heinous crime is no more faithful to the teachings of Islam than a KKK member who claims a biblical basis in committing bigoted crimes,”– More nothing to do with islam / fraud / anti-Muslim extremist commentators / fear and paranoia at
 How ’bout a whacky professor?
“The problem is because the authorities have cracked down so hard on Islam, it’s forced the movement underground and there it’s become more radicalized,” said Dr. Slider. – More sense of being victimized at 10 News
Chechen mass-murderer blames U.S.  US for moulding them into terrorists:


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  1. Ibby sez “innocents”…problem is, we’re all GUILTY, because we are’nt muzzle’ems. And that means the Cult of cRaZy m0E commands them to torture and kill us. That’s my personal take on his iSlam.

  2. muslims doing islam as pedo mohammad did pure islam …….geees they are lying sacks of shiteee .

    not all muslims are terrorists but 99% of terrorists are muslim ?
    go figure what made them terrorist could it be the filthy koran ?

  3. I am tired of hearing Muslims whinging about a potential backlash and a backlash occurring again.

    Cite previous examples of backlash or shut up.

    No one buys that Muslims are a perpetual victim.

    Besides the FBI numbers already proved that claim to be untrue.

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