Hijabbery: when resistance becomes a “hate crime”

A Muselputz from Iran Press TV  whines about  evil French kafirs who conspired and colluded to ban the hideous shrouds which Muslims force on everyone when they have the upper hand. That no one wants to hire a religious nut that’s all wrapped up in shrouds  is not ‘discrimination’, its a remnant of sanity.

You may think we’re being sarcastic, but for the soldiers of alllah any resistance to Islamic mores is “hate” and  a “crime that must be punished”. Under Islamic law, the sharia, the dhimmies are expected to yield to whatever demands the Muselmaniacs make.

The current Russian Czar is not buying any:

Vlad Putin: There Is Nothing Good About Wearing Hijabs to School

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, April 25, 2013 (GWP)

Say what you want about Vlad Putin, the eccentric Russian leader has yaytsa.
President Vladamir Putin told reporters Thursday there is nothing good about wearing hijabs to school.
hijab russia

Interfax reported, via Free Republic:

The wearing of hijabs to school is not traditional even in ethnic regions of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said, answering a question in the Direct Line on Thursday.

“There is nothing good about it. True, there are peculiarities in ethnic republics but what you speak about is not an ethnic peculiarity but a demonstration of the known attitude to religion,” Putin said.

“There has never been such a tradition in our country, in Islamic regions,” he said.

The wearing of hijabs is prohibited by law in certain Islamic countries,” Putin said.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is still trying to figure out the motive behind the Boston bombings.

4 thoughts on “Hijabbery: when resistance becomes a “hate crime””

  1. Discrimination can only take place if the potential employers are aware that you are muslim. So, maybe it is not ‘discrimination’ at all?
    Maybe they just don’t want to employ people who shove their ideology down their throats?
    Maybe future employers are worried that – since their ideology is more important to them then earning a living, they might discriminate against those of a different ideology?
    I have never met an employer yet who cared what religion I had, but then I didn’t bulldoze in demanding special times off, special food in the canteen or the right to hide my face.
    Please tell me someone has taken the trouble to explain to these people that their right to their religion does not include the right to bully us.

  2. On this subject Mr Putin is spot on, and to be commended.

    He should come right out and refer to the ugly thing as the Slave Rag: the membership badge of the Mohammedan Gang Moll, or Camp Follower.

    In its lesser form it is the Slave Hood; in its most extreme forms, whether burqa or niqab, it should be called the Slave Sack and the Slave Mask.

    It is a synecdoche for the entire sharia order which demands subjugation of women by men, and of non-Muslims by Muslims; it is functionally equivalent to the black flag of Jihad, and therefore it is also functionally equivalent to the Nazi swastika armband or the Gestapo deathshead badge, a declaration of malevolent and aggressive intent toward all who are not part of the Mob.

    Come on, Mr Putin; sometimes despotism has its uses; be an Enlightened despot. Ban the Slave Rag in all schools within the Federation; and, into the bargain, as a matter of public safety, ban all public wearing of the Burqa and Niqab. Let it be known that any woman or girl who chooses NOT to wear the Slave Rag, will be resolutely protected in that choice; that anyone who attacks her for doffing the slave rag, will be severely punished and, indeed, thrown out of the Federation.

    Let Russia – as it has done, from time to time, in the past – emulate France; this time, with a Hijab ban in schools, and a Burqa-and-Niqab Ban in the public square…and let Russia go one better than France, by resolutely always and everywhere ENFORCING those bans.

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