Homo Idiocy: “Stop trying to split gays and Muslims”

Useful Idiocy at Salon:

Gay activist” Chris Stedman denounces Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for protesting Sharia mistreatment of gays

Reminds me of Che:

“We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing.” –Che Guevera

Here’s how Muslims treat guys like Chris Stedman:

Want more? Here’s more:

At least 95% of blacks back Obamunism and dependency, so they are unlikely allies against those who seek to enslave them. Neither should we waste our time with homosexual idiots who are siding with their executioners.

Here in Australia we had  homosexual Supreme Court Judge  Michael Kirby who was deluded enough to side with Muslims against the tolerant society that enabled and sanctified his sexual deviancy.

Robert Spencer:

People often ask me why Leftists are so eager to collaborate with Islamic supremacists, as they find it curious that they would enable those who would destroy them for their moral transgressions under Sharia. There are many answers, including a shared taste for authoritarianism, and that may be what is in play here, since Chris Stedman openly avows that he is trying to silence us, trying to intimidate the fundraising site Indiegogo into shutting down our fundraiser. Certainly both Leftists and Islamic supremacists are enemies of the freedom of speech.

“Stop trying to split gays and Muslims,” by Chris Stedman in Salon, April 2:


Homo mafias exposed as world-class rule benders–Piers Akerman – Thursday, April 04, 2013

THE hand-flapping hysteria generated by the planned removal of the rainbow-coloured Taylor Square crosswalk is symptomatic of a politically correct push by the noisy end of the homosexual lobby to inflict its narrow agenda on the broader community.

I have an earnest and sincere question for the LGBT community: Do you support Pamela Geller?

The link Stedman puts on Pamela Geller’s name goes to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s defamatory profile of Geller. The SPLC, while it may have once done good work against racism, has now degenerated into a well-heeled propaganda machine thatsmears conservatives for cash and is an integral part of the ongoing Leftist effort to demonize and destroy those who oppose them by labeling them “hate groups.” The SPLC richly deserves its place on AFDI’s Threats to Freedom Index.

Anyway, does Pamela Geller have support in the gay community? She answers this question in her American Thinker article today:

And he claims I have no support among gays. Let him talk to Michael Lucas, the famous gay adult entertainment magnate. “I just returned from Tunisia (and I travelled half the Muslim world),” Michael wrote me today, “and I think gay Muslims, or I should rather say gay Arabs, would agree with your ads because they know first hand the persecution they undergo on a daily basis, It is a shame that, instead of fighting for the rights of LGBT people in Muslim countries, ‘political gays’ are fighting against you. You are doing a fantastic job uniting people against evil and waking Americans up. Gays should join your movement.”…

Pat York of my organization Stop Islamization of America (SIOA)’s LGBT division says: “The American LGBT community is just as woefully uninformed about the harsh, deadly, current realities of Islam as anyone else. It is for this reason that an LGBT division of SIOA was recently created. The American LGBT community is allowing itself to be deceived and used for political reasons. As a community we do not need the stigma of being allied with a group that is dedicated to ‘destroying western civilization from within'” – as the Muslim Brotherhood has stated in a captured internal document.

Cynthia Yockey, who blogs as “Conservative Lesbian,” wrote: “Pamela Geller is a true friend of the LGBT community. She has the courage to tell the truth about the menace of Islam. I admire her and respect her work.”

And gay activist Mark Koenig wrote: “I am a gay man living in Atlanta, GA, and I have an honest and sincere answer for Mr. Stedman: Not only do I categorically support Ms. Geller, I consider her to be a freedom-fighter of the highest order. She has endured years of slander and even death threats from supporters of the evil ideology that is Islam, simply for telling the truth about it. Mr. Stedman is evidently ignorant of the unconditional condemnation and death-sentence prescribed for homosexuals in the Islamic holy texts. This is more than just an aberrant interpretation or a small group of ‘extremists’ who take these writings literally and act upon them. Homosexuals are routinely executed in Islamic countries simply for BEING homosexual. In fact, Israel is the ONLY nation in the Middle East where gay people can be open about their sexuality without fearing for their lives.”

In response to this, Stedman has already tried to smear Lucas as a bigot; he has completely ignored the others. And read on to see just how honest Chris Stedman, the Assistant Humanist Chaplain and the Values in Action Coordinator for the Humanist Community at Harvard, really is.

Geller, who is one of the most active proponents of anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States, rose to notoriety as one of the key instigators of the Park51 backlash, misrepresenting a proposed Islamic Community Center (think a YMCA or Jewish Community Center) by calling it the “Ground Zero mosque” and engaging in dishonest rhetoric and blatant fear-mongering. Her organization, Stop the Islamization of America, was identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization, alongside extremist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. And it’s earned that label — Geller and her allies have dedicated countless hours and millions upon millions of dollars to drum up hatred, fear and xenophobia toward Muslims.

“Anti-Muslim”: Leftists and Islamic supremacists favor this label because it implies that those who are fighting to defend the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience and equality of rights for all are actually against a particular group, and want to deny them rights rather than protect the rights of all. It is a particularly repugnant canard not only because it suggests that defending freedom and human rights constitutes bigotry, but because it paints a huge target on the backs of those to whom the label is applied — a target that those who style themselves the defenders of Islam are all too eager to take a shot at.

“…misrepresenting a proposed Islamic Community Center (think a YMCA or Jewish Community Center) by calling it the ‘Ground Zero mosque…'” A YMCA or a Jewish Community Center? Which of those house a church or a synagogue? In fact, it has recently been revealed that this “Islamic Community Center” is simply a mosque and nothing else, and it is at Ground Zero.

Re the SPLC: see above. While Leftists constantly invoke its “hate group” designation as if it actually means something, they never explain (and never could explain) why the SPLC actually has any credibility in designating “hate groups” in the first place.

Re “millions upon millions of dollars”: This is based on a Center for American Progress report. The Center for American Progress is an extraordinarily well-funded and anti-Semitic hard-Left organization that conflates money received by “Islamophobic” organizations over a period of ten years to give the impression of a huge sum funding some coordinated machine — when in fact the aggregate amount was less than the budget of the Center for American Progress for one single year, and was spread among seven quite disparate organizations. In reality, those resisting jihad and Islamic supremacism are few and ill-funded, facing a giant, fabulously wealthy media and propaganda machine of which Stedman is an exponent. AFDI has never had millions and millions of dollars, or even a single million.

Last week I learned that Geller and one of her biggest allies, Robert Spencer, are hosting a fundraiser for their anti-Muslim advertisements on the website Indiegogo. This disturbed me for a number of reasons, but particularly because Indiegogo’s terms explicitly prohibit “anything promoting hate.” (Despite reports from me and many others, Indiegogo has so far declined to remove the fundraiser; if so inclined, you can let them know what you think about that here.)

Amazing that a gay activist would smear an initiative calling attention to the Sharia oppression of gays as “promoting hate.” Such is the Orwellian world we live in today.

While I was looking into this, I discovered that Geller recently announced plans to run a series of anti-Muslim advertisements in San Francisco quoting Muslim individuals making anti-LGBT statements. Why? Because members of San Francisco’s LGBT community criticized other anti-Muslim ads she has run there.

I tweeted my appreciation that the LGBT community in San Francisco is standing up against her efforts to drive a wedge between LGBT folks and Muslims. Soon after, Geller retweeted me, claiming that she in fact has “huge support in Gay community.” Immediately, her supporters began to lob insults and even threats at me; Spencer himself suggested that I should be rewarded for supporting Muslims by someone “saw[ing] off [my] head.” (Meanwhile, though Geller, Spencer and their supporters kept tweeting at me that Muslims “hate gays” and want to kill me, many Muslim friends and strangers alike tweeted love and support for LGBT equality at me.)
So apparently that means that no Muslims hate gays and want to kill them. How dishonest is Chris Stedman? See for yourself:
Does that look to you as if I said someone should behead Stedman? I don’t think so, either. So are we dealing with an honest man in Chris Stedman? I don’t think so, either.
As things settled down, I realized that Geller had stopped responding to me when I requested more information to back up her assertion that she has “huge support in Gay community,” after the only evidence she provided was a link to a Facebook group with 72 members. I’ve since asked her repeatedly for more information, but have not gotten a response.
He has now (see above).

I couldn’t think of a single LGBT person in my life that would support her work, but I didn’t want to go off of my own judgment alone. So I started asking around. It wasn’t hard to find prominent members of the LGBT community who do not share Geller’s views.

“I couldn’t think of a single LGBT person in my life that would support her work”: That reminds me of the lady, a member of the Leftist elite, who was shocked when Ralph Nader wasn’t elected President in 2000. “Everyone I know voted for Nader!” Anyway, Stedman then quotes some gay spokesmen who share his suicidal taste for defaming the defenders of gays who suffer under Sharia, and then he goes on to this:

As Junaid Jahangir writes in a recent piece at the Huffington Post, “[Geller’s] selective references provide a misguided view of the current Muslim position on queer rights issues.” He rightly notes that her advertisements lift up the views of a controversial Muslim cleric, but ignore the “over 2,500 Muslim intellectuals from 23 countries [that] not only called for an international treaty to counter such clerics, but also called for a tribunal set by the United Nations Security Council to put them on trial for inciting violence.” In his piece, which is a must-read, Jahangir goes on to quote many influential, pro-equality Muslim leaders. Pointing to the activism they are doing to support LGBT rights, he demonstrates that Geller is unfairly — and dangerously — presenting a skewed picture of Muslim views on LGBT people.

So these 2,500 Muslim intellectuals called for an international treaty to counter the Muslim clerics who were calling for the execution of gays. In doing so, did they quote them? Almost certainly. But that is what Stedman and his allies are objecting to. Did Stedman denounce those Muslim intellectuals for quoting Muslim clerics who want to kill gays, and calling for action against those clerics. Of course not. He would say that the difference between us and those intellectuals is that they didn’t claim that allMuslims want to kill homosexuals, but neither did we. Our ads never say such a thing. And anyway, the fact that some Muslims don’t want to kill gays does not cancel out the fact that some do. To say that one cannot call attention to Sharia oppression of gays because some Muslims oppose that oppression would cut the ground out from under those Muslims who do oppose it — for if they call attention to Sharia oppression of gays, by Stedman’s logic they should be silenced along with Pamela Geller and me, since some Muslims oppose that oppression.

You’ll never guess who Stedman drags in next:

“There’s no question that homophobia is rampant among the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims — but that doesn’t negate the fact that there are huge groups of Muslims who have easily reconciled their faith and sexual orientation, like LGBT people in other faith communities,” said Reza Aslan, author of “No God but God” and “Beyond Fundamentalism,” in a recent phone interview. “For a woman who leads an organization that has been labeled a hate group to try to reach out to a community like the LGBT community, by trying to make a connection based on bigotry, is harmful and ridiculous. Bigotry is not a bridge.”

I wonder if Stedman knows that Aslan likes to ridicule those whom he hates by claiming that they’re gay — like a sixth-grader on a playground. In any other context, Stedman would be denouncing Aslan as a homophobe for those emails to me. Aslan has also recently been unmasked as a Board member of a front group for Iran’s bloody Islamic regime, which hangs gays from cranes. Stedman quoting Aslan in favor of gay rights is like quoting Josef Goebbels to denounce anti-Semitism.

Stedman’s article goes on and on — but all his subsequent criticisms are predicated on the false claim that our ads say that all Muslims want to kill gays. Even if the ads did say that, it is hard to see why Stedman would think that it is more important to denounce and defame us and shut us down than to devote his energies to opposing the Islamic supremacists who really do want to murder gay people. But that’s why they call people like Chris Stedman Useful Idiots.

7 thoughts on “Homo Idiocy: “Stop trying to split gays and Muslims””

  1. Christians aren’t interested in promoting homo-rights and won’t welcome their support against Islam.

  2. Homo Promo & Homo Terror

    Students Try to Get Catholic Priest Banned From a Catholic Center For Being Too Catholic

    Cringe-Inducing: MSNBC Host Uses Young Daughter to Push Gay Marriage, Asks Her If She’d ‘Marry a Girl’

    “And that’s good because you want people to be able to marry who they are in love with, right?”

    The Tolerance Brigade and the Offence Industry

    Bill Muehlenberg

    The many activist groups shouting ‘tolerance’ have proven over and over again to be amongst the least tolerant outfits on the planet. They demand that everyone tolerate what they are up to, and if anyone dares to disagree, they become exceedingly intolerant and hateful.

    And coupled with the tolerance brigade is the never-ending offence industry. Offence is now taken at anything and everything. Not only are we told how bad it is to hurt someone’s feelings, but laws are being enacted to ensure that we don’t offend anyone.

    It should be clear from the hundreds of examples already featured on this website that the two biggest perpetrators of all this mischief and mayhem are the militant homosexual lobby and the militant Islamic lobby. Both groups are working overtime to see the West fully submit to their agendas – or else.

    The examples of this come on a daily basis. So let me offer several more from each group – five recent examples of just how intolerant the tolerance brigade is, and how sweeping the offence industry has become. The first has to do with a homosexual activist who nicely spilled the beans as to how he understands tolerance.

    Speaking of those who oppose homosexual marriage, activist Scott Rose cheerily said this: “These Christofascists deserve to be nailed up on crosses and left to bleed to death. Society is NOT a heterosupremacist-theocRAT-only country club.”

    OK, so let’s just crucify Christians – all in the name of tolerance and love of course. Such an accepting bunch these guys are. You gotta love how much they are into diversity – tolerating one and all, far and wide. And consider how one Hollywood celeb can see where all this tolerance is taking us.

    Actor Jeremy Irons has asked whether we must now tolerate even incest, if we allow homosexual marriage to go ahead: “Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons said Wednesday that while he doesn’t have much of a strong opinion either way on same-sex marriage, he believes it poses interesting questions, including whether allowing same-sex marriage would open the door for interfamilial relationships. ‘Could a father not marry his son?’ Irons asked HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps.

    “Irons argued that ‘it’s not incest between men’ because ‘incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed,’ and wondered whether same-sex marriage might allow fathers to pass on their estates to their sons without being taxed. ‘It seems to me that now they’re fighting for the name,’ Irons said of advocates for same-sex marriage as opposed to civil unions. ‘I worry that it means somehow we debase, or we change, what marriage is. I just worry about that’.”

    He is asking the right questions, but already many people are calling for the complete acceptance of incest, all in the name of tolerance. But as I have mentioned, the offence industry is also being fully buttressed by Islam, and the threat of creeping sharia.

    All over the West demands are being made that we tolerate all things Islamic, and cause them no offence. But this is all one way traffic. It is all about the West slowly and incrementally giving up its freedoms and rights, just to appease the small minority of Muslims living amongst them.

    Here are three recent examples of this. The Danish toy giant Lego has just caved in to the demands of the stealth jihadists. As one report says, “Turkish Muslims have declared victory after toy makers Lego agreed to withdraw a Star Wars product which allegedly depicted a mosque.

    “Critics claimed that the Jabba’s Palace model, part of Lego’s Star Wars range, was offensive to Muslims as it resembled the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul – one of the world’s most renowned mosques. The Lego set is based on the home of Jabba the Hutt, a central character in the Star Wars series, who lives in a domed palace, with a separated watchtower.

    “As well as bearing a likeness to the Hagia Sophia mosque, the Turkish group also claimed the toy was designed based on the Jami al-Kabir mosque in Beirut with the watchtower resembling a minaret. The set of blocks featured Jabba the Hutt, a slug-like shisha-smoking alien from the Star Wars films, and an oriental domed building housing rockets and machine guns….

    “A statement posted on the organisation’s website referred to Jabba the Hutt as a ‘terrorist’ and said that he ‘likes to smoke hookah and have his victims killed’. It added: ‘It is clear that the ugly figure of Jabba and the whole scene smacks of racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against Asians and Orientals as people with deceitful and criminal personalities.’

    “The statement said that the figures in the set are made to resemble ‘terrorists, criminals and murderers’. The case came to light when a Turkish man expressed his dissatisfaction with the toy after it was purchased for his son by a family member.”

    At first Lego said it was just a Star Wars toy, but then crumbled under the intimidation: “Following a meeting between Turkish community leaders and Lego executives it was agreed that production of the toy would end from 2014 onwards.”

    In a similar act of cowardice and political correctness, Qantas will be easing up on the ham sandwiches. More specifically, it will leave pork and alcohol off its menu altogether, at least on its Middle Eastern flights. Consider this headline: “Qantas bans ham on flights in and out of Dubai after Emirates deal”.

    The story continues, “Don’t expect a ham omelette on your next Qantas flight to Europe – Australia’s national carrier has removed pork from its menu on the route since tying up with Middle Eastern airline Emirates. Consumption of pork and pork products is strictly forbidden in Islam as it is considered unholy.

    “A note on the Qantas menus on flights in and out of Dubai states that meals do not contain pork products or alcohol, which is also forbidden in Islam. It has also introduced a Mezze plate offering traditional Middle Eastern fare in its upper classes and has Arabic translations after in-flight announcements.”

    Now if these two examples seem a bit too trivial, let me conclude with a much more serious case. This is a shocking example of creeping sharia and Western dhimmitude. The story opens this way: “A Muslim who raped a 13-year-old girl he groomed on Facebook has been spared a prison sentence after a judge heard he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless.

    “Adil Rashid, 18, claimed he was not aware that it was illegal for him to have sex with the girl because his education left him ignorant of British law. Yesterday Judge Michael Stokes handed Rashid a suspended sentence, saying: ‘Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters.’

    “Earlier Nottingham Crown Court heard that such crimes usually result in a four to seven-year prison sentence. But the judge said that because Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness’, sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good’.”

    If the other two examples of creeping sharia have not shocked you, this one certainly should. The judge is just another dhimmi, fully in subjection to the Islamic way of thinking. He is either too foolish or too afraid to dare to offend Islam, so he allows this heinous crime to go basically unpunished.

    Yep, the offence industry and the tolerance brigade are alive and well in the West. If it keeps going in this direction, there will soon be no West left. The choice is ours. Will we stand and fight, or will we capitulate? We had better decide real soon.







  3. Any Conservative concerned with maintaining individual rights, is opposed by conformist gangsters who seek to avoid their own self-reliant responsibility by slanderously and pre-emptively pretending to be victims of other groups, who must therefore form into even bigger groups for their own protection and extort him to join them for his own good.

    (This is why liberals – even gay ones – and moslems are such a good fit to each other! Both firmly believe in victimology and in Submitting to the extortion of group-might-made rights)!

    But when groups have rights, individuals don’t – simply because such a stance creates an injustice system, where some people (these days, in the West, who are part of some subjectively determined “identifiable protected minority groups”) have more rights than others, which means those others have LESS rights than the protected group, and so are to be officially discriminated against and pre-judged as guilty until never proven innocent in comparison.

    Pre-judice is slander, and vice-versa. Group rights is pre-judicial, obviously false idolatry, slander, and fraud – it’s a crime.

    Any so-called Judges or politicians who supported and enabled these crimes are guilty of same.

    They are also guilty of slander and libel, criminal harrassment and extortion (conformity, like all communazis want for everyone, is extortion; aka terrorism). But then, all criminals use the excuse that they were always really only helpless victims, “forced” to commit their own crimes in response to the crimes of others.

  4. PS: And “legal” system which endorses group rights – even “minority” ones – is NOT a legal system at all: It’s an extortion and CRIME system!


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