Horrible: “disgruntled young men”

And now: the Obfuscation Jihad!

Articles like this are trophies for Islamic terrorists:

The wild goose chase after the  “Mysterious Motive”

Al Reuters feeds leftist crackpots with conspiracy BS:

The Reuters piece is a good start. The article spends seven paragraphs discussing the parents claim that the two brothers were framed.  In the article, the word “Islam” is not mentioned, except to say that they once lived in one predominantly Muslim country and another place they lived, Dagestan, is “a southern Russian province that lies at the heart of a violent Islamist insurgency.” Here, we have another technique, minimize Islam as a factor and turn it into background noise.—More here.

One thought on “Horrible: “disgruntled young men””

  1. The enemedia are traitors. Islam doesn’t change, they all use the same, one and only Qur’an. It’s not impossible to learn EVERYTHING about islam, from the Qur’an, ahadiths and sirat. Tabari histories, and from the four Sunni and one Shia maddhab fiqhs (schools) of sharia. It isn’t that hard.

    So for the last 11 years, after it became obvious on 9/11 that a wee bit of research was in order concerning islam, if only with a nod towards self-preservation, for these talking heads and self-appointed and proclaimed crisis-relief management expert self-promoting salesmen to stick to their claims of wilfully self-blinded and criminally negligenct ignorance about such a hot topic, is nothing but obvious TREASON. Because nobody can maintain that level of wilful ignorance for that long. Nobody is that stupid – which leaves only the other possibility: that they are paid and willing accessories to, and enablers of, all the moslem’s criminal atrocities.

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