Indifference to Suffering of Non Muslims in Islamic Countries

Muslims attack Christians and arrest … Christians:

A statement on Tuesday by an Egyptian presidential aide accusing Christian Copts of being the cause of Monday’s clashes near Cairo’s Abbasiya Cathedral has caused public outrage.– Al Arabiya –



Muslim mob attacks Christians, police arrest…the Christians

Where do these police think they are? Great Britain? “Indian Kashmir, two Christians arrested on false charges of forced conversions,” by Nirmala Carvalho for Asia News, April 12 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Srinagar (AsiaNews) – “The anti-Christian intolerance in Jammu and Kashmir is reaching alarming proportions”

 “The future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam”


WASHINGTON: Protesting against the rise in violence against minorities in Bangladesh, Hindus of Bangladeshi-origin have gathered outside the White House here, asking US President Barack Hussein Obama to protect them and enlist radical Jamat-e-Islami as a foreign terrorist group.

Raising slogans like “We do not want Talibanisation of Bangladesh” and “Save Hindus”, Bangladeshi American Hindus in a memorandum asked Obama to save the religious minorities of Bangladesh and enlist “ Jamat-e-Islami, Bangladesh” as a foreign terrorist organisation.


Christians are being persecuted all over the world. Churches are being burned and destroyed, girls are being raped and ancient Christian communities reaching back 2,000 years are being obliterated. And the world yawns. Most shockingly, many Christians in the West, worse than yawning, look away and in some cases embrace the perpetrators and blame our allies.  (BCF)

Islam’s War for Kafir Extinction  (Islam Watch via TROP)

One wonders: if Allah hates kafirs to this extent, then why did he create them?

The Dhimmitude of American Jewry  (Andrew Bostom via TROP)

The author of “The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism” tells fellow Jews in the U.S. that it’s time to stop acting like Dhimmis.