Indonesians detain Somalis, Iranians & Pakis en route to Australia, “as usual”

Somalis, Pakis & Iranians heading to Australia,  “as usual!”

MAKASSAR, Indonesia: Indonesia’s navy detained 82 “asylum seeker”s including scores of Muslim Rohingya Pakis from Myanmar when their boat ran aground as they headed to Australia, an immigration official said on Friday.

The 51 “Rohingya”-Pakis, 24 Iranians and seven Somalis had been heading from Sulawesi island, in the east of the country, to East Nusa Tenggara, one of the closest Indonesian provinces to Australia, he said.

An increasing number of Rohingya, described by the (OIC-controlled) UN as one of the “world’s most persecuted minorities”, have been arriving in Indonesia as they flee Buddhist-Muslim violence which erupted in their home state of Rakhine last year.

“They were heading to Australia, as usual,” immigration official Muhammad Bakri told AFP.

The boat left from southwest Sulawesi but their boat ran aground nearby and they were picked up by a naval patrol, he said.   (Mullah)

There is not one article in the lame stream media that doesn’t contain the obligatory BS sentence “The Rohingya have been described by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.”

They are not. They are illegal Muslim invaders who need to be resettled  in Bangladesh or Pokistan.