Iran: Mullah’s are Allah’s Rep’s on Earth, Opposition is ‘Blasphemous and Evil’

Cleric defends medieval punishments and decrees opposing Khamenei is ‘evil’

NCRI – Opposing the views of Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is ‘blasphemous and evil’ a high-ranking regime cleric has decreed.

Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi – a member of powerful Assembly of Experts – also defended medieval punishment including being hurled off a cliff, stoning, public hanging, mutilation, taking out eyes, juvenile execution and torture.

Yazdi said in a speech: “If anyone rejects the verdict of the Supreme Leader who has been chosen by Imams, he is actually rejecting the words of those who have been chosen by God.

“Based on the commands of the Imams, opposing the Supreme Leader is profanity towards God, and God forbid if this shortcoming is for personal gains.

“Those who have studied in our religious schools believe that …punishment verdicts cannot be carried out in the modern era. This kind of belief is blasphemy and the beliefs of these people is evil.”

 Don’t you just hate it when these murderous Kaputniks  call ‘allah’ G-d?