Is North Korea on a Suicide Mission?

All we need to defeat them is a giant magnet:

North Korea: Foreign embassy staff may not be safe if there’s war

By Ian Johnston and Becky Bratu, NBC News

North Korea told foreign embassies Friday that it will not be able to guarantee their safety “in the event of conflict” from April 10, the U.K. said in a statement.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Moscow was in close contact with the United States, China, South Korea and Japan over a North Korean request to consider the possibility of evacuating embassies, Russian news agencies reported.

“The proposal was made to the embassies in Pyongyang, and we are trying to clarify the situation,” Interfax quoted Lavrov as saying during a visit to Uzbekistan.

He was quoted as saying: “We are in close contact with our Chinese partners as well as the Americans, the South Koreans and the Japanese.”  (More)

North Korea releases video of Kim Jong-un firing a handgun

17 thoughts on “Is North Korea on a Suicide Mission?”

  1. I am convinced that that path to a new,better and possible world is not America’s capitalism or N.Korea’s communism ,the path is Islam.

  2. Hill,
    Just like in the 50’s? the Korean War is the longest war ever to this day it’s never been ended it’s only in a ‘truce’. Arrogance almost got us wiped out too, British Battalions that were over a hundred years old were wiped out in the blink of an eye, you think it can’t happen again?

    If the US goes gung ho, watch out for China, Syria and Russia.

  3. Mhajden!
    Sorry but I have to correct your mistake!
    Islam will lead down a path of destruction!
    Islam is fucked up!!!

  4. Mhajden!!
    Sorry mate but I just have to correct you!
    Islam will lead you down a path of destruction!
    Islam is sick!!

  5. Kim’s the smart one, isn’t he? He just wanted to see if The Obamunist’s famous auto-apology button was set as hair-trigger as it was rumoured to be – and it turns out he was right to do so! He just defeated the USA!

  6. Guys
    The boy is trying to defend his nation,the attack upon Korea was an outright breach of peace and a violation of the Charter of the United Nations.

  7. @Vicki Coghlan
    You don’t have to correct me,because i am saying the right thing,in communism you would threaten a dog into compliance,while in capitalism,obedience is obtained through bribes,it is only in Islam it comes from the heart.

    1. “in Islam it comes from the heart.”

      Islam doesn’t have a heart, it is spread by the sword. Abolish death for apostasy and you see your whole perverted belief-system melt like a snowman in the sun.

  8. I am talking about sanctions against north Korea you racist brainless imbecile.

    “Islam doesn’t have a heart, it is spread by the sword”
    What sword are you talking about?even if Muslims had it they could not use it to spread Islam because the Holly Quran says:
    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error” 2:256

  9. the trouble with you idiot that you lack the power of conversation but not the power of speech,hemorrhoids?oh my god,poor you sheik,If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you.

  10. Folks.
    Look at the dribble from the idiot called mhadjen!!!! Incredible! Lets us look at the morons comments. Firstly the sanctions!!!

    1. Given that the majority of the NK population live in effective poverty the sanctions have had little effect on them. There are major problems in food production etc, but this is largely due to the inept North Korean management of farming and the corruption that is indemic to the regime. That the fat boy is threatening means that he want to push a better bargain for himself and his cronies, which means that he is under threat or , more likely, the ruling group is under threat. Will there be a conflict – yes – because kim and his thugs have little to loose, burt mostly because Obama has shown himself to be a weak and spineless coward and this is like a red flag to a bull.

    2. Note that the behaviour of kim and thugs replicates exactly the behaviour of islam – use of violent coercion to suppress any resistance – ammusing that the idiot mhadjen declares that islam is a solution when it has failed abjectly in every area to which it has been applied as a solution. Indeed, “people” like hadjen were training by us using your money, which should have been better spent, since their own corrupt governments were too busy snuffling out of the trough – yes muslims make corrupt politicans and corrupt leaders.
    3. mhajen blurbs that curent sacntions are against UN charters, but they were actually imposed by the UN security council. in particular as a response against the demonstration of nuclear capability by the kim regime (incidentally the pakis/chinese seem to have helped him out here).

    It amusing that a person could claim islam as a solution when it has failed miserably in every situation were it has held sway. It is, however, not surprsing that an islamist jerk would make the claim, probably after having murdered a few copts. Sadly, the islamist view of history is limited to what they wish to believe, not to facts.

    We dont laugh at you hadjen, you are too pathethic and a joke to boot. No doubt you are busy sniffing the backside of the AQ number 2, which means that you will be up in that used camel park sooner than later.

    You do Oz a great service when you show that Australians can treat scum like hadjen when some measure of respect – and that shows that Australian are quite safe from the delusional ranting of madjen and its fellow islamists, but I would put some stromg limits on the boundaries that I would allow these parasitic rats to transgress.

  11. the trouble with you hadjen is that you excell in the power of dribble. you have said nothing, and you are not capable of adding to any conversation in an intelligent fashion.

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